Youth Day Success

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Youth Day Success

Postby PSUbuzz » Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:39 pm

Lefty, our friend Ryan, and myself got a young man named Wyatt out on youth day for some good duck and goose action on the upper potomac. His dad is a hunting friend of ours, but was mad he had to go to work on Saturday and couldn't get him out. He contacted me to get Wyatt out on one of his spots that was holding some mallards, and I told him I thought I could find better ducks than that for him. Even though it was high and chocolatey out there, 4 days of river scouting and I had found a good consistant spot holding an awesome variety of ducks.

Dad dropped Wyatt off at 445, and Wyatt was bright eyed and excited. We made our trip down to the river and met the other 2 guys that would be helping us out at the ramp. The boat ride was pretty uneventful, but it was Wyatts first time hunting the river and hunting using a boat so he was excited as we motored out in the dark. We got set up there were lots of buffleheads landing right in the decoys from the get go, but we told him to wait it out for better ducks. 10 minutes after LST, there had been lots of buffies trading in and out of the decoys, Wyatt let me know he had only ever shot wood ducks, and 1 mallard before and he really would like a bufflehead. So the next drake bufflehead that came in, Wyatt dropped with his first shot. Lefty and I hopped in the boat to make the retrieve while Ryan stayed with Wyatt in case more birds came in. We were about 200 yards downriver about to make the scoop when I saw a wad of bigger ducks coming across the river right to the spread. I could make out the red in the early morning light, and knew I had seen the flock of redheads(Ive only ever seen red heads twice before on the upper potomac in 10 years hunting it) I had been seeing while scouting. We hoped Ryan and Wyatt could see them coming and were ready. 2 shots, 2 beautiful drake red heads on the water floating down towards us. When we got back to the boys on the island, we congratulated Wyatt on 3 beautiful ducks that any of us would have been very happy to have taken. He did not have time to celebrate long as 3 black ducks began circling the dekes.

The morning went on, and Wyatt went through a full box of shells shooting at geese, blacks, buffleheads, mallards, common mergies, a wigeon(we saw his foot dangling but it flew away pretty well), and even got to take some shots at 2 different pairs of bluebills(also very rare up our way). The geese didnt work very well and we ended up having live birds on the other side of the river from us that sucked a lot of birds in but Wyatt managed to make some really nice shots on decoying birds. We finally had to pick up so I could get to work for the snow that ended up being a bust at 1030, but Wyatt told me he had the hunt of a lifetime. When his dad saw the picture at work, he was shocked at what his young man had harvested. All new ducks that he had never killed before, and red heads! I got a message later that Wyatt had the "best hunt ever and could never thank us enough". It was awesome watching these birds work like they are supposed to and sitting back and enjoying a youth hunter have the hunt of his life so far. Thanks for reading

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Re: Youth Day Success

Postby ohioboy » Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:45 pm

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Re: Youth Day Success

Postby rxcrider » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:46 pm

Congratulations to the young hunter. Those redheads had been buzzing around our goose spread the past two Saturdays and glad he was able to take a few.
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