Delta Waterfowl Investment in Phrag Study

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Delta Waterfowl Investment in Phrag Study

Postby Gonegoosin » Mon Feb 17, 2014 8:46 pm

We have all heard comments or even made them about national conservation organizations not putting any money back into Utah after the support we give them. I feel that when they do invest in our State that we need to know about it.

I am happy to share with you tonight that Delta Waterfowl’s Board of Director’s approved an investment of national funds in the amount of $10,000.00 to be donated to Utah State University’s Phrag study for 2014. As you may have read in an earlier message, two of the large donors could not re-invest in the program this year, this is when Delta was approached for monetary assistance. Now, $10,000.00 may not sound like a huge contribution but let me put it in perspective for you. Here in Utah, this equals approximately 4 banquets of profit for this organization. So not only has the money from the WHF Fund been reinvested (WHF is a program where 25% of net funds are returned to local Chapters to spend locally), the Board of Directors has also voted to invest even more into our State and the issue we face. One other thing to consider; Utah has had no more than 400 Delta Waterfowl members annually in the 4 years I have been involved. This is a huge commitment for such a following.

I would like to thank Delta Waterfowl for their support. We in Utah need all the answers we can get in controlling and beating our Phrag problem. I hope that you will look into Delta Waterfowl once again and consider supporting them through joining their cause. They are a truly great organization that has programs that create more ducks today and for the long term, as well as being a huge hunter advocacy organization and an advocate for getting our youth involved in waterfowl hunting and the outdoors. Thanks again to the Board and others that worked on this on our behalf.
Best of luck out there!
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