Sac river water update

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Re: Sac river water update

Postby Nabs » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:10 pm

Every think that maybe just maybe those subsidies are the equivalent of seeding a field? In other words the Government and Economy make more money dictating what the farmers plant, which is what subsidies are all about. Another level of control. I do not like them, I do not get them. I also do not receive FoodStamps or welfare.

I guess in your Utopia fields just magically produce crops, and grocery money magically appears on that whatever card that you use at the store.

As far as abuse, ANY money forcibly stolen from me and given to someone who did not earn it is ABUSE.
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Re: Sac river water update

Postby marsh-mello » Thu Feb 27, 2014 10:21 pm

Given the attractiveness of subsidies for certain crops I think Farmers plant what they feel they can get the most money from...whether that be from the government or from the free market or BOTH. Don't think for a second these programs are not self contrived and manipulated and set up for their own benefit by anyone other than politicians, lobbyists and their lawyers.

As far as picking both our pockets...and what is ABUSE I think the definition is more than applicable with regard to subsidies. Anyone who is farming and needs the government to buy them the "equivalent" of seed year after year after year...needs to find another job or plant another crop. There is also more to it then just that...with the price guarantees and subsidized insurance etc, etc...

I think we can agree to disagree...
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