Up to the SOS!

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Up to the SOS!

Postby feathhd » Sun May 04, 2014 9:16 am

Up to the same old crap!

Most of you know by now what the 2014-2015 waterfowl season proposal is that was put forward by the IDNR & NRC.
But to recap the issue for you, here it is!

North zone
Sep 6 to 21 Teal season
1st Seg Oct 4 - 19
2nd Seg Oct 25 Dec 7
Youth Season Sep 27-28
Canada & Brant Sep 27 -Jan 2
White Fronts Sep 27th Dec 9
Light geese Sep 27 Jan 11

South zone
Sep 6 to 21 Teal Season
1st seg Oct 4 - 8
2nd seg Oct 18 - Dec 11
Youth Season Sep 27-28
Canada & Brant Oct 4- Jan 9
White front Oct 4 Dec 16
Light Geese Oct 4 Jan 16

Mo River Zone
Sep 6 to 21 Teal season
1st seg Oct 4 - 8
2nd seg Oct 25 - Dec 18
Youth Season Sep 27-28
Canada geese & brant Oct 11 - Jan 16
White Fronts Oct 11 - Dec 23
Light geese Oct 11 Jan 16

Pay ATTENTION here folks. There is absolutely NO REASON why the season should open on the same day in all 3 zones. None. This action by the IDNR & NRC literally deprives Iowa duck hunters of Added opportunity. Meaning you have the opportunity to go hunt another zones opener. Being that the open All on the same day duck hunters more than likely will stick close to home and hunt their opener. You get 1 good weekend to shoot ducks why you should have gotten 3 good opportunities to do so. We are Not dealing with a Special 5 day season anymore that locks us in to opening All on the same day. So why in the hell are we being forced to except Reduced Opportunity?

So, I will go one step farther for you folks to show you that the same day opener is a waste of opportunity for south zone duck hunters. Take a good look at the harvest percentages of both zones during the same time period. You will Notice the significant difference between North zone & South zone. This is just 1 reason why South Zone Duck hunters shouldn't be forced to open on the same day as the North zone.

Here is the other statistical fact that South zone Duck hunters need to know.
Statistics of the Early 5 day season: Yes we understand this is not our traditional early season but the statistics will not be much diiferent in nature even opening in the 1st week of Oct.

North Zone Harvest statistics yrs 06-07-08

Sat &Sun the average 27k ducks killed
M-T-W the average 8k ducks killed
Notice the Significant decline after the weekend?

South Zone Harvest Statistics yrs 06-07-08

Sat & Sun the average 17k ducks killed
M-T-W the average 7k ducks killed

Notice the Significant decline after the opening weekend? More Importantly is placing those numbers up against one another during the same time period where the season opens on the same day. Notice the overall difference in harvest in the south zone vs the greater harvest numbers of the north?

Oct 4th as an opener in ALL 3 ZONES IS UNACCEPTABLE because we have the opportunity to place those days, move those days to a period of the season where we have far greater numbers of birds in the region. Not only would this improve harvest but also improve opportunity. I mean Jesus, if they refuse to move 3 days of the early to the end and give you guys an added weekend at the very least they could do is move your opener a little later so that it puts duck hunters in the field under better migratory conditions and better bird numbers. Mo. Valley Waterfowlers Objected to the same day Opener in All 3 zones. We did this after the NRC failed to take the suggestion of moving 3 days of the early section to the end of the Mo. Valley zone / 3rd zone season structure from the IWWG meeting. Opening the season on the same day in all 3 zones is much like NOT having any zones at all and duck hunters are being forced to get less opportunity.

Now I can Only make the case to the NRC but I can't GET ANYTHING DONE to change it if I don't get your Support. Please if you want to see your zone opener changed to advance your opportunities, SEND every NRC member your request to see your opener, open at least a week later than the north zone. What works for the north zone simply doesnt work for south zone duck hunters but that is exactly how they are treating your season structure.

Here is your Guys Contact list. This is who you all need to contact and YOU GUYS Have got to reach out to other hunters you know and get them to do the same.

Marcus Branstad

Conrad Clement

Richard (Kim) Francisco,

Dr. Sally Prickett,

Phyllis Reimer

Dennis Schemmel

Margo Underwood,

Iowa Waterfowl Biologist orrin.jones@dnr.iowa.gov
Iowa IDNR Fish & Wildlife Bureau Chief Dale.Garner@dnr.iowa.gov,

Last and certainly not least. I was sent a letter from the NRC about the IWWG / meeting a week ago. In a nut shell this is what it said. We feel that the participation of the 6 IWWG members is insufficient to put forward any meaningful recommendations. " My comment to everyone on that list was strait forward. Many on the list should have never been picked in the first place for a number of reasons, one of which you sight. lack of participation. On the other hand I find the comment offensive that 6 IWWG members cant put forward any meaningful recommendations, when 5 Joe blows show up at an NRC meeting and get a whole zone changed and reduce to a postage stamp. I was told my comments where out of line. I think my comments where SPOT ON. I am always more than ready to battle it out folks to get us better opportunities but again I can't achieve much with out a little support from you guys & gals.

Lets stop this madness and send those e- mails to the NRC, DROP YOUR LOCAL LEGISLATURE A PHONE CALL AND COMPLAIN TO HIM OR HER ABOUT IT. SEND THE GOVERNOR AN E MAIL ABOUT IT. Lets get in there and mix it up or just lay down and roll over and take it like a Champ!

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Re: Up to the SOS!

Postby feathhd » Mon May 05, 2014 8:04 pm

Pursuant to the authority of Iowa Code sections 455A.5(6), sections 481A.38, 481A.39, and 481A.48, the Natural
Resource Commission hereby gives Notice of Intended Action to amend Chapter 91, “Waterfowl and Coot Hunting
Seasons,” Iowa Administrative Code.

These rules give the regulations for hunting waterfowl and coot and include season dates, bag limits, possession
limits, shooting hours, and areas open to hunting. The amendments adjust the season dates to comply with federal
regulations and to ensure the seasons open on weekends and add a special September teal season for up to 16 days for all
species of teal.

( The Next portion is absolutely hilarious )

These zones and season dates provide different opening and closing dates for the duck season in each zone.


United State Fish and Wildlife Service is likely to offer expanded teal hunting opportunities in response to continued high
teal populations. The additional season will not adversely impact teal numbers and will allow Iowa hunters 16 more days of
recreational hunting opportunity during the peak migration period for teal.

Any interested person may make written suggestions or comments on the proposed amendments on or before May
20, 2014.

Written comments may be directed to Wildlife Bureau Chief, Wallace State Office Building, 502 E. 9th Street,
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0034; by E-mail at wildlife@dnr.iowa.gov; or by fax at (515)281-6794.

Persons who wish to
convey their comments orally may contact the Wildlife Bureau by telephone at (515)281-5034 or by visiting the fourth floor
of the Wallace State Office Building during regular business hours.

There will be a public hearing on May 20, 2014, at 1 p.m. in the conference room on the fourth floor of the Wallace
State Office Building. At the public hearing, persons may present their views either orally or in writing. Participants will be
asked to give their names and addresses for the record and to confine their remarks to the subject of the amendments.

Any persons who intend to attend the public hearing and have special requirements, such as those related to hearing
or mobility impairments, should contact the Department of Natural Resources and request specific accommodations.
After analysis and review of this rule making, there will be a positive impact on jobs due to the additional days of
hunting opportunity offered to waterfowl hunters.

( Yep gained during the added Teal Season, then in a stroke they wipe out some gains made by opening ALL 3 ZONES ON THE SAME DAY! Don't hear crap about that do yah? )

Get mad boys and do your part.
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