Middle Class Prosperity

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Middle Class Prosperity

Postby SpinnerMan » Sun May 18, 2014 8:08 am

Dr. Gilbert, a professor of social welfare at the University of California, Berkeley, is a fellow of the American Academy of Social Welfare and Social Work.

Countless reports now claim that the middle class is being crushed by inequality, declining mobility and diminishing income.

Because it is good politics, it plays to jealousy and some sick desire for victimhood status.

A closer look at the facts suggests otherwise: Members of America's middle class are better off than they were 30 years ago, and they live much more comfortably than counterparts in other countries.

Which of course is consistent with those that have lived long enough to remember 30 years ago and how little we had compared to today at all levels of income.

The problem with the research showing middle-class stagnation is that it looks at market incomes, which exclude taxes, government transfers and adjustments for household size. Market income is an accurate gauge of employment compensation but a misleading way to consider a family's financial resources. It overlooks the welfare state's enormous power to redistribute income.
And if you have an agenda, you don't want an accurate measure, you want a measure that shows no matter what you do, you are needed more than ever.

When households are then divided into five equal income groups, the data reveal that average disposable household income has increased across all groups since 1979. The average household income grew by 40% for the middle quintile and increased by 49% for the bottom quintile.

The American middle class boasts the fourth-highest disposable household income in the world. The U.S. finishes behind only Luxembourg (a country of 500,000 people), oil-rich Norway, and Switzerland, which stayed out of both World Wars and imposes the strictest immigration laws on the continent.

That last is key. When you bring in 10 million or more low income workers, guess what that does to income statistics :fingerhead:

The average U.S. family has 38% more disposable income than a family in Italy, 25% more than a family in France and 20% more than a household in Germany, when adjusted for purchasing power, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. Inequality in the U.S. is not a struggle between the "haves" and the "have-nots," but a social friction between those who have a lot and others who have more.

Of course that's not good for American politicians that want to exploit the jealous and greed. They as Jim says worhip money and it's always easy to find somebody that has a lot more and you feel do not deserve it as much as you do. Who could ever deserve it more than you do?
Stupid people can cause problems, but it usually takes brilliant people to create a real catastrophe. Thomas Sowell
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Re: Middle Class Prosperity

Postby Glimmerjim » Sun May 18, 2014 6:22 pm

Sorry Spin. I am busy right now but I want this on my "Your Posts". Get back to you in a bit. :thumbsup:
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Re: Middle Class Prosperity

Postby Rat Creek » Mon May 19, 2014 9:16 am

It is just so much easier to run for office under the fraud of social justice and income inequality. It is simply playing to greed and envy, which are the lowest denominators in the human condition. Not only do the people who want free stuff fall for it, but those who want to believe they are helping others (with other people's money of course) fall for the scam as well. Sadly, what is actually happening, is they are stealing a person's soul and freedom by addicting them to perpetual handouts. But that does not matter, they just feel good about voting for all those big hearted people with Ds after their names. :no:

Conservative principles require thought and effort, but the rewards are far greater than being a societal leech. Unfortunately, because it requires thought and effort, it does not make for a good bumper sticker or catch phrase like - Hope and Change, and why it is so hard to convince people that their lives would have more meaning if they were not sitting around, depending on others, all the while proudly wallowing in their victim status.
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Re: Middle Class Prosperity

Postby SpinnerMan » Mon May 19, 2014 9:52 am

My wife used to work for this woman that used to talk about the rich people, not in a derogatory way, but just that is how she described them. Now I mention this because that's just how people think and in her case it was so obvious it was comical.

Her husband wasn't around a lot because he spent a lot of his time at their beach house going deep sea fishing in their boat. He had retired at 55 and couldn't convince her to retire as well. So she stayed in Atlanta living in there house that was in a neighborhood where the average home was probably closer to a million than not.

She truly did not think of herself as rich. That was the professional athletes and the others living down the road.

A radio used to be a luxury, a TV used to be a luxury, a mobile phone use to be a luxury, ... However, that's not the standard of wealth that most people use to judge how well off they are, it's those that have more and disregard those that have less. This is why this works so well. People will always do harm to themselves and others by coveting their neighbor's house and everything that is their neighbor's.
Stupid people can cause problems, but it usually takes brilliant people to create a real catastrophe. Thomas Sowell
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Re: Middle Class Prosperity

Postby High Sierras » Mon May 19, 2014 11:04 am

That's the problem... we each define "Rich" as folks with more than us, and "poor" as folks with less than us.

barry obama, net worth, $12.2 million.
Michelle, another $11.8 million.

Nancy Pelosi, net worth $26.5 million.

Hillary Clinton, $21.5 million.
Bill, another $80 million.
Chelsea, another $5 million.

John Kerry, net worth, $194 million.
Teresa, another $200 million.

Algore, net worth $100 million.

Harry Ried, net worth, $2.5 million.



No wonder the dem politicians just can't understand why paying an extra $10 - $20 thou a year for social medicine is a problem... $10K is a rounding error for them. To call them "The party of the working class" is the biggest crock of $h1te ever peddled to the low-information voter.

Heck, I'll bet Hillary spends more than $10K a year on hookers for Bill, if for no other reason than to keep him from humping the staff and out of the press.
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