Sex Change & V.A. Neglect

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Sex Change & V.A. Neglect

Postby nitram » Wed May 21, 2014 6:11 pm

“Honorable veterans are dying while dishonorable traitors get sex changes. While the President ignores the crises of military suicide rates, sexual assault, and even VA neglect, the Obama Pentagon is working overtime to give national security leaker Bradley Manning the ability to live out his sentence as a woman. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel gave the Army the green light to work out a transfer agreement with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, which offers the kind of hormone therapy Manning demands. Meanwhile, the men and women who served our nation with integrity are wasting away on ‘special lists,’ excluded from care. And if the administration will desert America’s bravest when it comes to health care, what’s to keep the government from putting conservatives on a similar ‘list’ where they, too, would be denied care? Folks, this is the face of government health care. And in this administration’s hands, it is a system that – through incompetence, a political agenda, or both – continues to be the President’s greatest weapon.” - Tony Perkins
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