Duck #s up ?

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Duck #s up ?

Postby hoosier dhr » Tue Jun 22, 2004 9:36 pm

anyone else noticing a lot more ducks this time of year? or am i just a lucky sob! :getdown:
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hoosier dhr
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They're doing well in the strip mine pits, lakes!

Postby Poke Boater » Fri Jul 09, 2004 12:27 pm

hoosier dhr,

I take a survey daily and our southern Indiana Mallard's are off to a good start. I counted a brood yesterday with eight following mother to water. Our mines founder, that's since sold all holdings to Peabody Energies, always instructed dozer operators to leave an odd island or two. The mine night shift pit boss shoots at beavers with his .45. :toofunny: I wouldn't shoot a beaver if someone who hates them offered a bounty! :thumbsup:

The Canada geese are very sucessful there also. They're young will eventually take up golf no doubt. :laughing: Here's what a golf course looks like to a Canadian goose,..... :welcome:

In Evansville about 200 Canadas have been known to stay on top of a T.J. Maxx warehouse near water and a large mown grassy yard. In the spring aggressive Canadas chase truck drivers near the docks! :eek: :laughing: :cool: hoosier dhr have you heard of roof top roosting before? :cool:

Is there any Hoosiers in here that have seen geese on roof tops? Is hoosier dhr 'ere? "Who's here?", used to be said thru log cabin front doors a long (good) time ago.

Poke Boating down standing (flooded) corn rows is so quiet you can almost hear pin feathers. :hammering: :thumbsup:
#1 If a falling duck's head is "held up" shoot again.
#2 If a downed duck lays still on the water with it's head "held down" straight out and you detect ANY movement across the current or not with the wind shoot again.
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