Bad A** BBQ Beans

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Bad A** BBQ Beans

Postby Snaph » Wed Jun 15, 2005 6:10 pm

Now, I know I am posting to a lot of you guys that live all over this great country. Some of you that live in the heart of BBQ land might not want to trust a northerner with your BBQ. And you are right. This is not really a recipe, but a guide. Hell some of you might say; "I've been donig that for years." But if not, trust me, if you try this, you will turn your nose up at boring "baked beans" for the rest of your life.

Grab a pound (two if you want a big batch) or so of ground beef.
season it anyway you want, fry it up in a pan untill done. (Make it crumbly, not one big patty...sheech) Add some chopped onion to the beef while cooking. Drain if you want...I like to add the grease to the beans. :thumbsup:

Get your crock pot or any other slow cooker you have. Open and drain the juice out of the cans beans of your choice in your sink, dog dish, over your own head..whatever. This keeps them from becoming too watery.

I use Campbells pork and beans or Bush's BBQ beans. One Big can, one medium can. Put beans into the slow cooker. (duh)

Now, add your favorite BBQ sauce. A bottle and a half works good. I used to use Bulls Eye, then somebody introduced me to Sweet Baby Rays, and I have been hooked ever since. That is a suggestion...not a plug. If you have a great homemade sauce, use that. mix all the stuff together and just warm it up. You do not have to bake it and all that other crap. If it is too sweet for you, add brown sugar. If you make the beans thicker, it works great as a dip with corn chips.

Like I said this is just a guide. This should get you close, and you can adjust it to your own taste. That is what makes this the best. It is fast and easy. I am not allowed to show up at a family event without them. I hope you guys try this, you can tell me how awesome it is later. :getdown:
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Postby gunman » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:37 am

HOLLY CRAP! man you were not kidding! I was just reading some of the stuff on this forum and thought these could be good and I jsut happen rto have afew cans of beans on the shelf......I made a big batch, and since the little women doesnt' like beans, I ate them all!!!! :toofunny: now no one wants to be around me!!!! :yes: i'll remember this recipe for this fall!! thanks man! -Chris
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Postby Snaph » Sat Jul 23, 2005 8:46 am

Told ya so.... :thumbsup:
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