Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses Available 060805

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Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses Available 060805

Postby h2ofwlr » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:07 pm

Nonresident Waterfowl Licenses Available 060805
Nonresident waterfowl licenses for the 2005 hunting season are now available online at the North Dakota Game and Fish Department web site, or by calling the state's instant licensing telephone number.

Hunters who want to buy their license online and print out their own license should access the department's web site at Those wanting to get instantly licensed by using a telephone may call 800-406-6409. There is no limit placed on the number of nonresident waterfowl licenses available in 2005.

Nonresidents have another option to consider when purchasing their 2005 waterfowl license. The state legislature recently created a statewide nonresident waterfowl license for $125. Hunters will be able to hunt anywhere in the state as zones do not apply to this option.

The three nonresident waterfowl zones that were used the past two years remain unchanged for 2005. Nonresidents who designate zones 1 or 2 may hunt that zone for only one 7-day period during the season, and must use the other seven days in zone 3. Hunters in zone 3 can hunt that zone the entire 14 days.

Zone 1 is U.S. Highway 281 from South Dakota to Jamestown; U.S. Highway 52 from Jamestown to Carrington; N.D. Highway 200 from Carrington to Hurdsfield; and N.D. Highway 3 from Hurdsfield to South Dakota.

Zone 2 is N.D. Highway 36 from Wilton to Tuttle; N.D. Highway 3 from Tuttle to Hurdsfield; N.D. Highway 200 from Hurdsfield to U.S. Highway 52 east of Bowdon; north on U.S. Highway 52 to N.D. Highway 97 south of Velva; west on N. DAK. Highway 97 to N.D. Highway 41; south on N.D. Highway 41 (south of Velva) to N.D. Highway 200 at Turtle Lake; west on N.D. Highway 200 to N.D. Highway 200A; south on N.D. Highway 200A to Washburn; and south on U.S. Highway 83 to Wilton.

Zone 3 is the remainder of state.

The tentative date when nonresidents could begin to hunt waterfowl in North Dakota is Oct. 1. Finalized season details will not be available until August after the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides the federal framework and the governor signs the proclamation.

The nonresident waterfowl license package includes a $2 certificate, a $13 general game and habitat stamp, and either the $85 (zones) or $125 (statewide) waterfowl license. The waterfowl license is good for 14 consecutive days or two 7-day periods, and a nonresident cannot purchase more than one waterfowl license per year.

The state legislature also made the nonresident small game license valid for 14 days instead of 10. The small game license is good for either one consecutive 14-day period or two 7-day segments. Unlike the waterfowl license, nonresidents may purchase more than one small game license per year.
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