Pre-season 7/7/05

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Pre-season 7/7/05

Postby greenster » Thu Jul 07, 2005 9:28 pm

Geting That time again to Start thinking about Finding that Duckhole or Disking and planting the field or plot....I will be going on my yearly venture to find New holes in my local public duck spot...Every year i try to out-do my self by finding a better hole then the previous year.. But as Cut-off creek Wma Become more popular due to its great success rate holes are geting harder to find and keep secret..just this past year i found the Best hole Ever ( so i thought at the time) Easy access ( for me) and never heard of any-one gonig that way since its about 6mi walk in flooded timber Me and my Best hunting buddys hunted there for Three weeks in a row almost every day. Killing limit or alomst every trip.. so we decided to leave it be for a few weeks. let our hot spot cool down... so we came in to our "HONEY HOLE" about three weeks later.. we got there about 5:45 Thinking no one ever knowes there how to get there or even knows about it. but on our way in about 200yds from our hole we started noticing lights and talking... to come and find our hole taken but not only taken OVer run by hunter's.. on our way around to find a hole in same area..we came acorss 8 more Groups with in about 1/4 mile.. :pissed: not only was our hole take it was run over...and come to find out...We had been followed by fellow duck hunter noticing our success.. still dont explain how every 1 else got there tho.....the world will never know.. but to make long story shot im gonig to find an even better hole this year and watch my back on the way.... Good luck and happy pre-season p.s. raising money to get a garmin RINO 130 only $400.00 more to go hehe
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Postby ol' yeller » Sat Jul 09, 2005 2:33 pm

That's the way it goes on public land in Arkansas. Whether you're on the east or west side of the state.

You have a good morning around here and you better be out there an hour or two earlier the next day. Lots of hunters have no respect. All they do is set up in a spot without any prior scouting and listen for gun shots. About the time the shooting stops they pick up and try to find the spot. This is why in the first half of the season here we have to be at our blind by 3 am at the latest. The last half you don't have to worry about it too much unless there is a large movement of new birds in the area.

Good luck with the scouting and keeping the idiots out of your new holes. :thumbsup:
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