Calling Comps

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Calling Comps

Postby suskiedrake » Thu Aug 11, 2005 2:25 pm

I was just curious to how many of you guys out there blow in duck or goose calling comps? If you have ever done it, did it once, or are hardcore on the calling circuit???

I personally have been giving it some major consideration but wanted to pick the brain of someone who does or has done it in the past.

I am no showman or anything like that and usually judge my abilities on the number of black feet I see drop and commit to my spreads on any given day of hunting. But also would like to know where I stand among my peers and five guys I dont know behind a curtain.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated on this topic whether it is a good or bad experience.....
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Postby Pigger » Fri Aug 12, 2005 11:11 am

I'm just starting to get into the calling competition. I'll only enter the duck calling as of right now. I'm not ready for the goose calling competition yet. I entered the duck calling in Harrisburg at the Sports Show this past year. It was my first one. My goal was not to come in last. I accomplished that goal. I came in 17th out of 20. I have gotten better since then. Now my goals are to make it through the first cut.

I was planning on going to Dover, DE the 28th of this month to get into that competition but I don't think I can make it now. I plan on entering the one at Middlecreek in September. I think it's the 18th.
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