look like the dumbarses are showing up

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look like the dumbarses are showing up

Postby TEAM WEBFOOTPOSSE » Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:40 am

if your hunting in the tri-city area keep an eye out for a new blue F-250 diesle with lincoln/omaha plates these guys are dangerous and trespass like there is no tomorrow i have only had two run ins with these guys but they are complete smart asses and skybust worse than anybody i have seen

saw em last weekend and last spring

they shot a speck on a snow goose jump shoot and just let it run with its guts hanging out

so if you see these guys keep an eye out and be safe

i believe they are staying in hastings
waterfowler20 wrote:
getemducks wrote:I am new to this but I think what you have there is a duck. :huh:

Are you crazy! That ain't no duck, thats one of'dem cackler gooses! :hi:
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