Crawfish (ummumm gew on ea'n der)

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Crawfish (ummumm gew on ea'n der)

Postby greenster » Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:04 pm

Since I buy them live and I never get less than 100lbs so I fill my Two Kiddy swimming pools up and let them sit in salt/water mix for at least 30 min cleans them out.

Here’s what you need please notice ingredients are by the 25lb
Indigents mart with a * in not necessary
My crawfish are spicy so go easy for you tastes on peppers and hot sauces
2.5lb of whole RED potatoes
3.5lb of Corn cut into 1/3
*Any amount of sausage or sausage links
Do not throw all corn and potatoes in one pot boil little at a time with the crawfish.
5 Halved lemons
4oz of cayenne pepper
1 quartered onion (white)
Several bags of spicy crab/crawfish boil I buy mine off a vender in La home made so not sure what’s in it
¾ bottle of hot sauce I use Texas Pete (hard to find) but LA hot sauce will do

Now get you pot to a Crazy boil, you will need an outside propane boiling pot. A pot on fish cooker will do fine.

Now Get your water about ½ way in the pot add some potatoes, corn sausage if you must and all of the lemons, onions, pepper, craw fish boil in proportion to instruction on the package, and hot sauce, and add LIVE crawfish to the pot dead-ones will not work most disgusting tastes ever know to man if there dead. When thrown in alive there tails will curl in if there straight they where dead when thrown in the pot throw them away.

Boil for about 10-15min per pot
And if not in a hurry let soak in the water for about 10min
Should be Fire and good eating
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