Moving to Tuscon area

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Moving to Tuscon area

Postby PrinceGSP » Sun Nov 16, 2008 5:10 pm

Well I will be moving to the tuscon area in the next few months. I currently reside in western ny and enjoy waterfowl hunting. I am looking for information on hunting habitat as well as public hunting lands. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Perhaps we could even get together for a few hunts.

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I'm in Tucson

Postby DUCKMARKSMAN » Tue Dec 23, 2008 8:25 pm

this is my second season in Tucson 1st full season and the areas I hunted with a few friends and my brother have been hit and miss but have shot like 8 ducks including 2 greenwing teal drake, a pintail hen, a shovler hen, cinnamon teal hen, Mallard hen, and 2 ring necks.

A week and a half ago went to Show Low, az with a friend who lives in phoenix and we ended up with 15 ducks which 11 of them I shot mind you in 30-60 mile an hour winds at 40 plus yards each other than 3-4 of them these included: 5 drake Mallards, two or three hen mallards, 3-4 widgeon hen, 2 widgeon drake, and a bufflehead it was AMAZING!!!!
Would have both limited out if we didnt run out of shells then sunset hit so we sat and called for fun for about an hour and ended up seeing 500 plus mixed mallard and widgeon drakes and hen the most memorable hunt ever...Couldn't have been better ;-)
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