More Geese than I Have ever seen....

Regional reports on the migration of Snow and Blue geese.


More Geese than I Have ever seen....

Postby Shauntexex » Thu Dec 11, 2008 1:17 pm

Well the migration is officially here in southeast Texas. My buddies propery in the Anahuac area southeast of Houston Texas is holding more than 200,000 snows, blues, specs, and a few canadians. It was truly an awesome site to see so many birds in 1 area. He has the only freshwater in the county and there are around 200 thousand geese roosting on his flooded rice at night. Pretty cool stuff no doubt
2008-2009 season
9 Greenheads
14 Sprigs
8 BW
43 GW
4 mottled
8 shovelers =)
17 woodies
2 bufflehead
3 hooded mergs
6 redheads
5 widgeon
8 ringnecks
10 gadwall,
4 whistlers,
2 canvasback
1 ruddy
1 blue, 3 specs, 3 snow
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