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Advice on plantings

Postby Gunner 1 » Thu Dec 11, 2008 8:50 pm

This past fall I restored a 8 acre portion of my 50 acre farm from farmland to wetland. The wetland was created by building raised clay berms 6 ft above surrounding soil level and contouring the inside basin for a hemi type marsh [50% vegetation ,50% open water] . I have a pump system for raising and lowering waterlevels and plan on planting Arrowhead, Duck potato, etc but do not have areas on the inside contoured area that can be dried out.The inside areas will be shallow , lots of 6 inch to 18 inch deep water to let cattails etc grow but I would like to focus on traditional native wetland plants inside the bermed 8 acres. The berms will be grass seeded and the entire outside of the wetland will be encircled by a 80 ft buffer of prairie grasses for nesting cover. Reading the posts on this board has been very helpful.I would appeciate opinions and suggestions on the in water plantings. I'm also thinking about scraping out three or four 40 to 50 ft circles tight to the berm in the buffer area to act as foodplots [smartweed , millet etc flooded in fall . Would these circles be too small if flooded to attract ducks ,most of the ones I've read about here sound like they are larger but this is all the room I can spare for now.The area around me has several large clubs with big baited areas so I can't compete for a food supply so I want to offer ducks a resting, loafing area with some available food. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated . Thanks
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