Go with Glock 17 or 19? Sig 226 grip problem

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Go with Glock 17 or 19? Sig 226 grip problem

Postby 12gaugeLarry » Sun Jan 18, 2009 4:18 pm

Hi, I hope someone will be able to help me with my questions. I ordered a new Glock 19 with the Glock tactical light from Cabella's. I can pick up the gun on Tuesday after 5pm. When I pick it up they will allow me to choose either the 17 or 19 but I will pay more for the 17 because the light isn't included. I held both the 17 and 19 in my hands and prefer the Glock 19 for its compactness. The Glock 17 has a finger notch on the front of the grip to remove the magazine which I didn't like. I like the support the 19 gives my pinky on the frame because there is no notch-just a solid plastic ridge for my pinky to sit on. I can switch to the Glock 17 if I want for a slightly higher price but I'm leaning towards the 19 for now because it comes with the factory Glock light as a package.
Here are my questions-
1 Does anyone know how tight the groups are on both the Glock 17 and 19 ? My Glock 21 shoots 1 inch at 50 feet on my best days with individually weighed handloads. What kind of groups should I expect on the 19?
2 The Glock 19 I ordered comes with the factory Glock light as a package for a decent price here in Illinois. Is there any reason I wouldn't want the factory Glock light? I use my Remington 870 for home defense. I looked at the tac or tec lite 1 or whatever its called and it is over $100 Please let me know what your preferences are on the tactical light? The lights really for fun but it is the Glock and should work, right?
3 Anyone know how I can keep my Sig Sauer 226 grip screws tight? The screws keeps coming loose-the threads are small and I probably over tightened them long ago. I thought maybe something like the least permanent type of thread locker?
Thanks, Larry
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Postby augerin » Sun Jan 18, 2009 7:28 pm

For what it's worth---have you ever shot a pistol at night? After the first shot lights won't matter. Your better off using that hundred bucks for ammo. The remington 870 you have is probly the best home defence weapon you could use. Loaded with bird shot it will clear a hallway real nice and you won't shoot thru walls hitting the neighbor's. Sometimes all you have to do is rack it and the intruder will be out the front door. Tom
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Postby drakeslayer621 » Wed Feb 04, 2009 2:22 pm

have you thought about nightsights instead of the light? I have a glock 23 with a streamlight attatched and meprolights. I much prefer the night sights over the tac light. If you ever did use it for a self defense situation, the night sights wouldnt give away you position. Plus if u are considering carrying it concealed you will have a hard time finding a holster for a glock tac light.
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