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Postby Dep6 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 6:39 am

We get complaint's all the time from members about someone commenting on their ad, whether about price or other things.

We have policy of NO COMMENTS OR AD LIBBING ON TOPICS in the Classifieds.

It is posted on the title page and in the sticky above too, so no reason not to see it and abide by the policies.

You can ask questions and such about the item, but general comments, or negative comments are not allowed to be posted up. Not abiding by our policy will warrant a warning and if it happens again a suspension will be handed out.

We at DHC hate being so stern about this, but regular members are getting ticked off again (has happened before too) because of guys sticking their nose in where it does not belong to begin with, so that is not at all what we are striving for here. So please mind our policies..

Thank you.
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