Fried Italian Goose Breast

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Fried Italian Goose Breast

Postby ActionPoint » Thu Sep 29, 2005 4:27 pm

2 Goose breast halves (cut into bite size pieces and marinate in
Italian dressing overnight)
1 cup all-purpose flour
adjust the following to taste
1/4 cup Italian seasoning mix
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
2tsp. garlic powder
Deep fryer or skillet with enough oil to cover

Combine the seasoning mix, garlic powder, and parmesan cheese into a large zip-loc bag. Remove the excess marinade from the goose pieces and place into flour mix and coat well. Return the coated pieces to the fridge for 1/2 hour. Heat oil to 360 deg. and fry the goose nuggets until they have good color on the outside and are med. rare to med. on the inside. Do not overcook. Serves one person per breast halve depending on the size of the goose.
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Postby Illinois-Ducker » Wed Oct 26, 2005 11:59 pm

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I tried this and it tasted DELICIOUS. Good idea
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Postby AlaskaRedneK » Thu Oct 27, 2005 1:21 am

If I ever git one of them honkers I'll have to try that... sounds REALLY good :thumbsup:

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Postby Penguine » Mon Oct 31, 2005 10:48 am

How do you tell if it is med/rare or medium? I mean with a steak it is easy, but a bird? Isn't that taboo?
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