Wintering pond built.. what to plant?

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Wintering pond built.. what to plant?

Postby missmary49 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 3:40 pm

Small irrigation canlas meet up to fill ponds in neighboring yards. All summer long ducks buzz by pretty low. I just got done building a pond that will keep water and a stock heater for the ducks to use over the winter. Just something to enjoy the birds on my property for wintering while the irrigation around me dries up for the season. I wated to plant something that would last late in the fall to draw them in / feed them. This is in city limits so no hunting. Im in a desert climate in WA state.
Ideas on what would work best?

Millet? Winter Wheat? Rice? and what subspecies??

NO CORN.. thats growing in my garden :rolleyes:
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