Preserving Canada’s Hunting Heritage

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Preserving Canada’s Hunting Heritage

The Third Annual Progress Report on Delta Waterfowl’s efforts to secure the future of hunting in canada – December 2008

Executive Summary: Securing the Future of Hunting in Canada

Delta Waterfowl continues to lead the defense and promotion of waterfowl hunting in Canada. 2008 has been another very successful year for our Canadian Waterfowling Initiative. With new programs and events launched across the country, the future of Canada’s hunting heritage is brighter than ever.

Delta’s Waterfowling Initiative is focused on delivery of several unique programs designed to: recruit new hunters, defend hunting through public and political advocacy as well as to provide public, positive communication on behalf of Canadian hunters about our hunting heritage.

In 2000, Delta Waterfowl, MB Conservation and the Manitoba Wildlife Federation took aggressive action to help reverse the dramatic decline in waterfowl hunter numbers. Our organizations created a partnership that launched the first ever national Canadian Hunter Recruitment Program. That year, we hosted one mentored hunt and introduced 13 youths to waterfowl hunting. Since 2000, Delta has worked tirelessly to expand mentored waterfowl hunt opportunities across the country.

Our mentored hunt program has grown considerably since its beginnings 8 years ago. In fact, 2008 has set a new record for attendance. From junior high school students to graduate students, in 9 out of 10 provinces, Delta Waterfowl and a myriad of partners across Canada worked together to provide nearly 700 people the opportunity to try waterfowl hunting. Explosive growth of our mentored youth hunts, first ever ladies hunts in Alberta and Southern Ontario, and a second University hunt are just a few of the exciting new events launched by Delta and our partners for the 2008 season.

Delta continues to fight for the political rights of Canadian hunters on both a national and regional scope. Nationally, our work along with our many partners participating in the Canadian Outdoors Network has resulted in several big wins on semi-automatic gun ownership and other issues that could negatively impact our hunting heritage. The Outdoors Network, launched and chaired by Delta’s Bob Bailey, is Canada’s first comprehensive, national, and coordinated lobby effort representing Canadian hunters and gun owners, including 24 organizations with a combined membership of over 500,000 Canadians. On a regional level, Delta is ready to respond wherever access to traditional hunting lands is threatened. Also at the regional level we have hosted hunter education workshops aimed at informing hunters on strategies to communicate and advocate for hunters. We believe that armed with the proper messages, the best hunting ambassadors are hunters themselves.

Delta Waterfowl is pleased to provide you with our third annual hunt report. In this document you will find detailed information on all of our regional and national programs. We have many partner organizations to thank, including all of Canada’s provincial wildlife federations, Ducks Unlimited Canada, provincial wildlife departments, Hunting for Tomorrow, and all of our Delta Waterfowl chapter members and countless other volunteers involved in our mentored hunts across Canada.

If you have received this document you likely have a strong interest in the future of waterfowl hunting in Canada. We hope you share our enthusiasm in our accomplishments for 2008 and respectfully request you to assist us in any way you are able, to ensure that Delta Waterfowl can continue to deliver quality programs in 2009 and beyond.

For more information and to spread the word, see the PDF on the Canada Hunting Reports.

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