TungBar Boat Drain and Storage Stand

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It’s great to see a simple and extremely effective new product come out that’s produced right here in the USA. As is the case of the Tungbar Boat Drain and Storage Stand that is designed to drain your boat and keep it drained when stored outdoors. Many boats aren’t designed with the proper trailer for drainage or the boat drain plug isn’t in the lowest portion of the boat. Unlike typical trailer jacks, the Tungbar boat stand does not add trailer tongue weight. It positions your boat at the perfect angle to completely drain and best of all there are no nuts, plates or bolts to rust or bend.

It only took a couple seconds to use

It only took a couple seconds to use

A product like this is great to get ALL of the water out of your boat. Standing water near your wiring and batteries is a poor combination for long-term boat use and corrosion. If you’ve been around boats long enough you understand the importance of a dry boat.

The Tungbar comes ready to use out of the box and is extremely simple. I tried it on my good buddies duck boat (picture shown) and it was as easy as it sounds. I simply lifted the bar and trailer up and it was locked. The unique channel design does a great job of securing the tongue on all 4 sides and keeps the tongue very stable.

The Tungbar is designed to slide up underneath the trailer tongue and it is set. It can be locked to most safety chains or to the tongue frame rail to prevent theft. Tungbar stands come in different models for boats trailers as well as PWC and Utility trailers. It’s refreshing to see a product that performs exactly as it claims.

Highly portable it only weighs 8 pounds, is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and free shipping is provided. Simply put, this is a very easy to use rock solid product. Throw it behind the seat of your truck and it’s always available when you need to use it. The Tungar boat trailer drain and storage stand is perfect for wash-outs after a hard day hunting or fishing and ideal for sloped driveways and outdoor storage.

The Tungbar stands starts at just $34.95 – you can buy it direct from the manufacturer at Tungbar.com or ask for it at your local boat dealer. DHC members will receive a special $5.00 discount by entering promo code DHC100 at time of order.

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  1. Jeremy Stutchman on Wed, 14th Oct 2009 9:33 pm 

    I would use anything under the sun to prop up the tongue on my boat. I was always worried the kids were going to get hurt playing around the boat in the back of my yard (though I yelled at my 5 year old everytime he got near it), so I invested $50 bucks on a wheeled jackstand. Then I found myself yelling at the kids to quit cranking it up and down, after my boat was full of water. I bought a Tungbar and the problem was solved. Easier to remove the opportunity than yell at the kids…

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