Waterfowl Industry Gets a Black Eye

December 10, 2010 by  

After years of rumors and speculation, a federal grand jury returned 23-count felony indictment today charging Jeff Foiles of Foiles Migrators.  This is a huge black eye in the waterfowl industry.  Jeff Foiles, a well known representative of the waterfowl industry, is looked up upon by many and is affiliated with many products and companies.   Whether proven guilty or innocent, these indictments are indicative of all the forum chatter the past couple years of many illegal acts taking place out of that camp.   It’s also another reason for anti-hunting groups to show the non-hunting public what the industry is about.  And with that, it’s a terrible shame.

From the DOJ website:

Professional Duck Hunter Charged with Guiding Illegal Waterfowl Hunts in Central Illinois
WASHINGTON – A federal grand jury in Springfield, Ill., returned a 23-count felony indictment today charging Jeffrey B. Foiles with conspiracy, wildlife trafficking, and making false writings in connection with the illegal sale of guided waterfowl hunts, the Department of Justice announced today.

The indictment charges Foiles, 53, of Pleasant Hill, Ill., with conspiracy to violate the Lacey Act and the federal false writings statute, 12 substantive violations of the Lacey Act, and ten counts of making false writings in a matter within the jurisdiction of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The Lacey Act is a federal law that makes it illegal to knowingly transport or sell wildlife taken in violation of federal law or regulation. The act defines the sale of wildlife to include the sale of guiding services for the illegal taking of wildlife.

The indictment alleges that from 2003 to 2007, Foiles conspired with others to knowingly transport and sell ducks and geese that had been hunted and killed in violation of federal laws protecting migratory birds. In particular, Foiles is alleged to have sold guided waterfowl hunts at the Fallin’ Skies Strait Meat Duck Club in Pike County, Ill., for the purpose of illegally hunting and killing ducks and geese in excess of hunters’ individual daily bag limits. Foiles and his associates are also alleged to have falsified hunting records at the club in order to conceal the excesses, and to have filmed the illegal hunts for inclusion in commercial hunting videos.

An indictment is merely an accusation, and a defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law.

The maximum penalty for a felony violation of the Lacey Act or the federal false writing statute includes up to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The case was investigated by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, and the government of Canada. The case is being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of Illinois and the Justice Department’s Environmental Crimes Section.

The duck club is currently up for sale online.  You can see the listing here.

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103 Comments on "Waterfowl Industry Gets a Black Eye"

  1. Robert DeSalvo on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 11:46 am 

    This man has done nothing but good the waterfowl industry. Not only the industry, but the donations and partnerships with conservation agencies. I truly think if he WAS doing something illegal he did not realize it. The judge should see all the good he has done (which doesn’t permit him to do illegal activities) and drop this case where it stands. Jeff- if you’re not aloud to hunt in ill. anymore come to NY, id love to have you in my blind and let you shoot my limit of ducks. good luck.

  2. Ray Scott on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 11:50 am 

    If its a fedral indictment the odds are hes guilty they dont bring you up on fed. charges for not they 99% of the time have you by the short hairs. So jeff you had a good run now turn out the lights the partys over!

  3. TomKat on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 3:12 pm 

    I know that the BEST way to avoid getting in trouble over limits is to always claim your own birds. If I am hunting with a group and I limit out, I unload my gun. I have my strap clearly marked with my name in undeliable ink. I had a friend here in KS that taught me to do that as he got busted for ‘blind limits’. I have learned from his mistakes and avoid problems by seperating and claiming my birds.

    Good luck Jeff, you are innocent until proven guilty. If convicted, it probably won’t be a picnic in the big house.

  4. gatorhunter on Fri, 10th Dec 2010 10:07 pm 

    This is a poaching story! It has nothing to do with hunting! The instant someone mentions hunting, be clear, “He’s accused of poaching!”

  5. Tony Messineo on Sat, 11th Dec 2010 5:44 pm 

    I agree, the feds don’t just bring any case to the table. They spend a lot of time and money on cases and when they do bring a case to court it’s usual rock solid with plenty of evidence and witnesses. Good luck with this one.

  6. rich danu on Sat, 11th Dec 2010 9:54 pm 

    well i tell you what the man doesnt think with a all of his brain he has ben in trouble before for having a floating shell in his gun and video taped him shooting it (smart) plus the whole thing about his trailor getting broke in to , classic im sure that was honest . Why would your calls be in your trailer while your working a show and does any one really put there calls in there trailor not me it takes a long time to get them broke in and tuned perfect to be so careless and all those bands hmmmm

  7. Stephen Wasteneys on Sun, 12th Dec 2010 10:58 pm 

    I’m sure Jeff Foiles is a great guy and an experienced and skilled hunter, and due to his position in the industry and public is an ambassador representing all duck hunters! All the more reason why he should know better and lead by example. I’m sure he is not the only one out there who is not playing by the rules, maybe this will be a good wake up call to those that have pushed the limit and their luck in the past!

    I think a course in ethics should be a major component of any training required to get a license to hunt. In my opinion, sky busting, setting up too close to someone else’s hunt are almost as bad as shooting over the daily limit, however what I think is even worse, are those guys out there that have no intention of eating the game that they shoot. I’ve seen guys come up to Canada to hunt snows and ducks, shoot close to their possession limit and return to the States with nothing either cause it costs too much to bring them home on the plane or they don’t like the taste. That’s not hunting, that’s killing, plain and simple!

  8. Loyd on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 5:34 am 

    An other exanple of money meaning more then anything else.
    Not only was he over the limits but FILMED the hunts for his use.
    I don’t care how much he has done for the industry, he is not above the law. IF he is guilty he should get the book thrown at him.

  9. Josh on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 1:24 pm 

    I use foiles calls wear foiles gear buy his videos, but have always wondered how many guys they take out at a time because they shoot a ton of birds lol. I think jeff has worked his butt off for what he has today and i believe everybody makes mistakes. good luck Jeff i hope theres a fallin skies 8,9,10,11,12

  10. Don Gasaway on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 2:42 pm 

    I use to know Jeff when he was starting out and competed in many of the goose calling contests where I served as controller of the sequestering room. I like him but have not seen him for a number of years. The stories I have read about this inditement seem to fortell hard times ahead for Jeff and I wish him well. As I understand the case, the feds have a bunch of witnesses lined up including four federal agents who were present when some of the offenses took place. 2011 will be an interesting year for those Foiles fans.

  11. Scott on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 5:02 pm 

    I know Jeff personally, he is a very good friend of mine. There are a lot of bogus acquisitions against him, and I just hope everyone will respect what he has done for the waterfowl industry and not post negative comments on this matter.
    Yes he is being indited by the Federal government, but the thing he is being accused for 90% of the people reading this are guilty of and that is shooting over your limit and by this I mean when you have shot your limit and your buddies sitting in the blind with you have not, you keep hunting so EVERYONE can fill their limits.
    Every since I have known him and hunted with him it has been on the up and up, as soon as the hunt is over the birds are tagged cleaned and NO ONE HAS FALSAFIED ANY DOCUMENTS. A lot of people do not like his videos because he makes comments like “we murdered them today” and I can see where this may offend some, but hey, that’s hunting and if you don’t like the video… don’t watch!!!
    I just hope everyone in the waterfowl industry will rally around Jeff (even if you don’t like him) and try to help instead of bashing him. We have enough trouble with anti-hunting groups trying to take away our god given right to hunt and bare arms.

    Thank you

  12. jimmy on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 8:40 pm 

    Most guides have a big trucks and a big ego. What comes around goes around. Good luck in the big house.

  13. Andy on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 1:49 am 

    Yes, i am sure that we are all guilty of shooting a duck or two for another hunter in the group. But i will say this, if i had my own private land to hunt on and it was ran as a business, there is NO WAY i would bend any laws. It is your responsibility to protect your own butt and to be the leader as a business owner, no matter the proffesion. Jeff Foiles was not smart enough to protect his name, and the waterfowl industry. Waterfowlers would die to be able to make a living doing what he has done. No sympathy on my end.

  14. Josh on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 4:35 pm 

    if its true the charges are from helpin buddys with there limits than scott is right we all would be in the big house.we all have that guy that you take thats a bad shot haha And i know guides that do not drive big trucks or have big egos lol.Its just how they make a living and ill be the first to admit im jealous

  15. Bret on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 8:13 pm 

    There’s a lot of people that hate Jeff Foiles, and if the DNR/Fish and Wildlife folks are anything like they are here in Indiana, it probably wouldn’t take much to get federal charges brought up if he pissed off enough of the wrong people. Personally, I like the guy, good luck Jeff.

  16. matt on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 8:58 pm 

    Come on this has been done with everything from little old ladies with coupons at the store limit 1 person so she sends everyone in the family to “kids under 12 eat for free” but yours is 13, but we all take a chance. Jeff knew what he was doing but I’m sure someone wanted to make a name for him or herself and talked too much. What ever happend to “what happens in the blind stays in the blind”? So think before you shoot of who would be jealous one. GOOD LUCK JEFF.

  17. mike on Wed, 15th Dec 2010 7:48 pm 

    you get what you get the guy won the lotto and didnt know it duh ??????????

  18. Eric on Thu, 16th Dec 2010 2:37 am 

    For the first guy, It’s not like he was speeding. These charges span 4 hunting seasons. He is a role model to young hunters and needs to act accordingly. If he is guilty he needs to do his time and pay his fines. By the way I own one of his calls and a couple of videos.

  19. Mike on Fri, 17th Dec 2010 8:26 am 

    I have met Jeff on numerous occasions. Even though he comes across as abrasive and cocky, that doesnt give people the right to bash his name or his call company. I wish him the best. My only question is…what is going to happen if he is found guilty? And I dont mean what is going to happen to him, we all know that part.

  20. Tom Curran on Fri, 17th Dec 2010 11:03 pm 

    Sad , Sad to read . I hope it is not true…how do you explain it to the young hunters ,huntings future . The worst thing that has happened to our sport in the last two decades was the introduction of the ” hunting pro ” in the media. I can’t even watch those shows with the canned hunts and blow hard experts .Maybe the chickens have come home to roost ?

  21. DerrBrosHunting on Sat, 18th Dec 2010 12:55 am 

    As a Matter of Fact I was talking to Jeff and yes Jeff was caught and is in Lots of Trouble. Wish Jeff Good Luck with whats Going on! Hope he’s Ok!!! Good Luck Bud!!!! Oh and He didnt sell the Duck Club. Thats a Rumor!!

  22. DerrBrosHunting on Sat, 18th Dec 2010 1:26 am 

    I know Jeff My Self but we dont know eachother that well and He is really Upset about this thing. I talked to him at one of his Show just after the Rumor started. He didnt Sell the Duck Club. That was all a Rumor. He wants everbody to know that hes Ok. Besides they havnt even had the Court Date yet so He does have a Chance not to go To jail. He will jsut haft to pay a $150,000 Fine. But if he does haft to Go to jail he hast to pay the Fine and will get 4 years in Prison! Everbody tell Jeff Good Luck and Take Care.

  23. Dave on Sun, 19th Dec 2010 9:34 pm 

    The indictment doesn’t list a handful of minor infractions -on the contrary, it documents a lengthy pattern of criminal behavior. From what I read, many of his activities were in flagrant disregard of the law, and were apparently driven by profits and ego. I mean, the man is accused of shooting banded geese in a city park with a pellet gun over bait…hard to write that off as an honest mistake by a good guy.

    If this is all true, the man is scum. Hang him high.

  24. Pauly on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 1:01 am 

    I’ve never heard of this guy, but one thing I do know, I’ve been duck hunting for 15 years and I make sure I’m 100% legal all of the time. No exceptions. If I kill a limit by 7:30, I leave the marsh, go home and clean my birds for one helluva good dinner. I have NEVER gone back later to kill another limit.

    If people are shooting over their limits, no only does it hurt us southern duck hunters by having fewer ducks to shoot, but it affects the sustainability of all ducks and waterfowling as a whole.

    If the feds are correct, I hope this guy gets the whole damn book thrown at him. Make an example out of him, take his land, vehicles, boats, the whole nine yards. I have absolutely no respect for that kind of behavior. He was letting his wallet get fat while ignoring the rules that are in place FOR A REASON.

    If we all wanna have successful hunts in the future, this kind of activity HAS to end.

  25. Mike on Wed, 22nd Dec 2010 5:56 pm 

    I hope everything works out for you Jeff. We all support you, because you’ve done a lot of great things for this sport. Your videos are awesome!

    Good Luck

  26. mike on Fri, 24th Dec 2010 10:34 am 

    I have been reading the blogs people have been sending everyday and i cant figure out why hunters want to wish this guy good luck ? i do not know this man personally and i dont wish him any bad luck but he is a grown man that had things pretty well going his way and he blew it. he obviously new the laws and blatenly abused them. if he wasnt the great “jeff Foiles” and just your average poacher who was poaching the ducks you were hunting on your favorite spot would you wish that guy luck. the ducks are everybodys ducks and i feel most hunters are true sportsman and honor the limits .This guy thought he was above all that and is going to get what every poacher should recieve by the rules of the law. He had it all and friggin blew it for one reason GREED ! Friend or hero in my eyes he is a piece of has been trash right up there with his fellow poacher the other has been TIM GROUNDS !!!!!!!!

  27. knocksemstiff on Tue, 28th Dec 2010 6:43 pm 

    well here’s the deal, if Jeff shot over his limit or was a witnes to another person shooting over the limit and did not report it to the warden’s then guilty. I have never been a fan of shooting with a group, too many gun’s, who shot what? Here’s a tip jeff, go back to the basics, you and a friend, call your shots, quantity does not mean quality,
    I’m sick of all the videos of birds being shot on private land where all it takes is money, skill means hunting where it’s not easy and you have to work the birds. My best hunts were not easy, I’m proud of my ability to find good hunting on public land.

  28. Daniel on Sat, 1st Jan 2011 9:14 am 

    I have a question? If the fish and game went undercover to catch him and shot over the limit to do so. Does it make it right for them to hunt illegally? What puts them above the laws? On four hunts?

  29. Bow4elk on Sun, 2nd Jan 2011 11:15 am 

    Please let this die. Anti’s don’t need any more ammo to use against us. Let it die.

  30. galen sharp on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 1:14 am 

    I met Jeff one time while scouting here in my home state.
    He was very gracious and went out of his way to be nice to my young son and I.We had been scouting some geese and met his truck while leaving the area we turned around and went back.I felt kind of weird walking up to him and his friends. He came over to us and introduced himself and once we started talking asked me about hunting in the area and seemed very genuinely interested in what I had to say. All around nice guy in my opinion.Maybe hes guilty maybe not butI personally wouldnt want some federal game wardens in my house because they are looking to make a name for themselves regardless of guilt or innocence.I dont believe I have broken any game laws but there are so many how could anyone be 100% sure. Good Luck Foiles hope the truth comes out so we can all make an educated decision.

  31. Tony Feit on Mon, 3rd Jan 2011 9:04 pm 

    I have met Jeff Foiles several times and he has answered every question I have asked him. He was great with my son and dad, better than most famous duck hunters we have met. One of the best things I can say about Jeff is that he gives you an honest answer to a question no matter who sponors him, if there is another great product out there he will not talk bad about it. That goes along way with me.

  32. ol'duckhunter on Tue, 4th Jan 2011 2:55 pm 

    waterfowl hunting is an ancient right that is being tarnished by a few greedy film makers and fat cat so called ‘”pros”. My Grandfather was a commercial market hunter on the Mississippi river and harvested ducks by the oak barrels full and shipped them by rail to Chicago for several high end restaurants. You all know, if it were not for us duck hunters, there would be no ducks. Thankfully my Grandfathers profession was taken from him by the federal waterfowl act of 1931. I ask every one of you. What is the difference between what my Grandfather did, and what is being done by these self absorbed idiots making dvd’s and and overlimiting for monetary gain? If it does’nt stop now, we will all suffer in the end. You do not need to watch ducks being slaughtered on your dvd player. You need to take a kid to the duck blind and see the expression on his face when he sees a bunch of 75 mallards work into the decoys for the first time. Now that is priceless………

  33. Jason wasielewski on Wed, 5th Jan 2011 11:10 pm 

    Whatta idiot! Just what we need some cocky d*ck makin us all look bad to anti hunters! Unbelievable

  34. Jason wasielewski on Wed, 5th Jan 2011 11:12 pm 

    Iron workers there all the same!

  35. paul anderson on Thu, 6th Jan 2011 6:03 pm 

    sorry doj,this is not what waterfowling is about.everyone i know follow the laws to the letter.i only hope he gets everything the law can throw at him.maybe time in a cement cell will do him some good. in the meantime im duckhunting and enjoying it.

  36. Brian on Mon, 10th Jan 2011 6:41 pm 

    I don’t care who it is or what they have done. To be charged with what he is being charged with, he must have done more than one thing wrong. You do not become a life long hunter or fisherman (for any species) and not know the laws. If in fact he did knowingly harvest beyond his limits, on multiple occasions, he deserves what he gets. As ol’duckhunter stated, it is greed by a few that is ruining it for the rest! I have no problem with someone earning a living doing what they love, just don’t break the laws or ruin it for others, or for your children! NO ONE is beyond the law!

  37. Dave Perkins on Mon, 10th Jan 2011 8:35 pm 

    I too am a “old duckhunter”. The locals always know who the outlaws are. There have always been will always be outlaws. Not that I think that is right. The biggest change I’ve seen in almost 50 years of duck hunting is the commercialization of the sport. Let’s face it our sport is now “big business”. The good spots and even medicore ones are leased up and us “freelancers” have fewer places to hunt. The big names are millionaires or should be if they haven’t blown all their money. The Duck Commander supports his whole family. At least he openly admits he used to shoot “way too many ducks”. By the way his son Jeb shoots in my opinion by far the best video.

    Does anyone really believe hunters with multiple lanyards filled with bands actually accumulated them by only shooting the limit. Of course you can buy them on e-Bay.

  38. James Luetkenhaus on Wed, 12th Jan 2011 12:28 pm 

    Wow, thats like a slap in the face for those of us that do follow the rules. It is just going to hurt the rest of us.

  39. Rich on Wed, 12th Jan 2011 11:03 pm 

    Jeff we all stand behind you, you ever need a place for you and your guys to hunt my home and fields are yours. Come hunt with us lol Best of luck waterfowl community is backing you.

  40. Martin J. Running on Fri, 14th Jan 2011 3:09 pm 

    Jeff, We met last fall at the Anoka Show. We talked about Ironwork and the fact that I too have a duck camp. I was targeted some years ago by a state warden, and found how easily events can be misinterpreted to slant the justice scales. I wish you well Jeff.

  41. Steve Oglesby on Sun, 16th Jan 2011 9:19 pm 

    I’ve seen how these indictments can be set up and he may very well have been railroaded on this deal by the feds. If they sent federal agents in to book hunts they may have very well went in with the mind set that they were going to go over their limit regardless of the situation just to see how he would react and to see if they could nail him for something he would never do, in other word they were out to fabricate evidence. If he made any mistake here it may have been that he didn’t report any discrepancies immediately to the local GW’s. I’m not inside that situation so I don’t know that to be true either, but a very likely scenario.

  42. CORY THOMPSON on Sat, 22nd Jan 2011 2:10 am 

    His place was up for sale. It was listed on mossy oak properties for 1.5 Million. I truly hope none of this true, But I don’t think the gov would go through all this trouble if they didn’t have something.

  43. Joey on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 6:52 pm 

    I cant believe that over 75% of the comments are saying “We back you Jeff!” Get off the band wagon guys, he broke the law. I hope he gets what he deserves. I bet the 75% of the people riding his d**k would hear of a normal “Joe-Shmoe” duck hunter doing half the things he has done over the years they would say hang um’ high!
    Well, lets make a example out of him to show even the “Pros” can get into trouble and maybe knock some sense into the regular outlaws!

  44. Andy on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 8:26 pm 

    Jeff shot park geese with a pellet gun to gain bands. Nice ethics he’s a looser hope he gets whats coming to him:)

  45. Superdude on Thu, 27th Jan 2011 3:53 pm 

    Are you all kidding me? If he really did 1/2 of what he was indicted for he is a dirtbag. C’mon pellet gun in a city park? If this is what the 75% of y’all think is a great guy because he talked nice to your kids? How the heck do you think pedophiles get their victims. Really. We have all run into these egomaniac type ‘guides'(sic) who make me want to vomit. I know the type and have seen it. This is not your waterfowl hunting poster boy is it?

  46. ACE27 on Fri, 28th Jan 2011 3:49 am 

    Come on why in the hell do we all get up at 3am, i know its not for my health its too kill the hell out of as many DUCKS,GEESE or whatever comes in my no fly zone. I hope and pray JEFF beats all the charges what ever they might be. One more thing just sit back and ask your self this how many times have u or I broke the law, not on purpose but sometimes by accident.

  47. rapidrdr on Fri, 28th Jan 2011 4:26 pm 

    Hope this guy gets bail…I need someone to help me nail some of my neighbors bunnies when they get out of his daughters cage. The 7th grade mentaility, “someone else has done it, so it’s ok” is what is helping weaken our country. TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your actions. Maybe this yahoo should sell t-shirts, “I popped Park Gesse” with just 3 pumps of my pellet gun. I will happily send him a bar of soap.

  48. Skyblaster on Fri, 28th Jan 2011 6:44 pm 

    All I know is the Feds should have issued tickets at the time and not been after him for several yrs! Whats up with that?
    The state boys here in Ks are good guys doin their job.
    We all know those feds have SMS or think they need to act like IRS agents. I know a few bad ones give them all a bad name.
    If you hunt long enough I’m sure I could find something that just about anyone could be guilty of.
    Need to change the posession limit law!! Over 2 days worth of birds in the freezer makes you a criminal??? Should be a transport limit and not a freezer possesion limit. Think that was the way it was intended buy not how its enforced.

  49. Tim on Thu, 3rd Feb 2011 9:06 pm 

    It is indeed unfortunate that these allegations have occurred against this man and I will do as we all should: he is presumed innocent unless proven otherwise. And I certainly hope that these allegations are without merit. All of us waterfowlers have a tremendous respect for our resources and there is no doubt that our natural resources are protected and benefit from our efforts. It is counter intuitive for those who do not engage in hunting activities to understand our passion…there is nothing more satisfying than contributing to the success of animal populations and experiencing the rewards associated with harvesting a responsible number of those animals through fair chase. Enjoy the pursuit my friends

  50. petepmr on Tue, 8th Feb 2011 1:51 pm 

    I do not know how many of the people on here have actually read the charges,other than what has been posted here,but anyway,my opinion is he will walk on the charges! So I hope what is being done too him never happens to us(the average joe) because when they lump these charges up like that,it is so they will get one or two to stick,or get him to plead out because of the thousands of dollars he is spending on Legal fees! This is an attack on the Foiles Corperation more so than Jeff,I am pretty sure each and every man in those blinds knew the limits and made the decission to shoot anyway,why just lump it all onto his shoulders?They made the choice to pull the trigger,not him!His employees are the ones that wrote in the books what the bag limits for the day was,or the kill count,not Jeff! How about loosing this conspiracy crap,and go after the actual people that pulled the trigger! Yet everyone is willing to except this,and say he deserves this,I cannot understand it!The wardens themselves shot more ducks than they were suppose too on a hunt,over thier limits,yt it is okay? No if it was against the law,why did they not arrest him straight away and charge him on the spot? While they still had the dead birds,evidence?

  51. Villis on Wed, 9th Feb 2011 10:17 pm 

    It is a shame that this the mindset of a lot of waterfowlers today. Many have never known of restrictive 3 duck limits and if a limit……or more is not killed then the hunt is considered a disappointment.

  52. Peter W. Ruby on Fri, 18th Feb 2011 12:20 pm 

    Their are always people that dislike other people don’t know Jeff Foiles thats not important what is is knowing right from wrong and most of us know what is right and wrong . I have broken the law and been caught and fined and lost my privelage to hunt so I’m no angel if you honestly ask your self if you have never broken an fish and game law the truth would scare you. Knowing something about the federal criminal system 98 percent that go to trial loose. My son whom i will probably never hunt waterfowl with again is a convicted felon serving time in the Federal Prison. I pray that someday we as a people can forgive those that have sin just as our father has forgivin us.

  53. Justin Kornkven on Sun, 20th Feb 2011 6:37 pm 

    I think everyones over reacting a little bit on the whole thing. How many of us would like to have the oppertunity jeff has to bring us filmed action from the field to our home. You can’t tell me that you guys don’t watch hunting shows on tv. If it wasn’t for the ppl to be out filming we wouldn’t have the sportsmans channel or the outdoors channel. I wish the best for Jeff and the Migrators.

  54. pat on Tue, 22nd Feb 2011 11:46 am 

    wow about time he was caught i had a fellin he was a criminal. Maybe he will learn this time :)

  55. Ray Wrobel on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 12:50 am 

    I’m glad he got caught. All you other guides that are doing the same better take note and START FOLLOWING THE RULES!
    What example are you show are kids that we are trying to bring up in a hunting declining society. That your cool and can shoot a bunch of birds and everything else illegally. Guide services are haveing alot of attention these days with SO MUCH ILLEGAL ACTIVITY GOING ON. I live in Montana dominately a big game state and they are getting caught.
    We could shoot 3,4,5,6 times our 4 Geese a day limit up here just as alot of others hunters could do to.

    We need to set the right example for our sport and to our kids and everyone else watching.

    Good hunting
    Ray wrobel jr

  56. adam on Fri, 25th Feb 2011 9:53 pm 

    It’s not all about the money and fame. I take my sons out hunting because they like the outdoors. I tell them its not all about how many ducks and geese they shoot but getting to see what nature is all about. I think what he’s done if true is sad!!! Treat him like every body else,with the same rules and law. I don’t care what he’s done for the sport,by shooting limit after limit he’s promoting the wrong immage for our kids. Laws are set in place for a reason no matter how big of name you have. You don’t have the right to go above and beyond them. He is showing no conservation what so ever. Treat him like they would everybody else.

  57. Cody on Sat, 26th Feb 2011 12:28 pm 

    I would say if the Feds are bringing a case against you it’s a good bet they have you dead to rights. But the man will have his day in court cause that’s his right and he will have a chance to explain himself.

    If they prove he did what they say I think he will have a whole new look at what “Strait Meat” mean!!!!!

  58. Dave on Sun, 27th Mar 2011 2:01 pm 

    Ethics to me is much more than “following the letter of the law”. It means that I have a responsibility to teach my son and daughter right from wrong, in addition to what is legal or illegal. Together, we review the “letter of the law” often in pre-season for all game laws in our state. We follow the laws, because they are established for a reason. I try to teach my children about migration patterns, nesting habitat, and predators. We learn together why limit laws are in place. The reasons are sometimes easy to know, and others may be because of outside forces, like diminishing wetlands nesting habitat in other regions that affect our ducks/geese that fly here. We practice shooting, so they can learn that a good shot is important in the taking of game. It is not only ethical to call ducks/geese in close for a quick clean kill – – they taste better! We learn different ways to prepare our game for the table (or grill) so we can enjoy God’s bounty and grace. Yes, all of us sportsman contribute in some ways to the hunting heritage – but ESPECIALLY by enjoying that with our children, friends, and future hunters. “Sportsman” means much more to me than shooting/killing game. It’s enjoying the outdoors, knowing that I make a difference in this world by contributing to the management of our resources through memberships to organizations like Ducks Unlimited and others. Give as much as you take, and reap the rewards of seeing the sunrise over the marsh with your children. If I witness someone breaking the law, I’m going to turn you in.

  59. Troy on Sat, 16th Apr 2011 9:54 pm 

    His trial was in early April is it still ongoing or is it over? I’d like to know whether they hung him or not

    Strait Meat Honker is up for sale, what a piece of crap, I use to look up to the guy as a waterfowl hunter myself anything Foiles related I have was sold or up for sale, wether it’s a layout blind or a call, the decoys weren’t ever worth crap, GHGs are 50x better

  60. Chris Hustad on Wed, 20th Apr 2011 11:40 am 

    He plead not guilty so it’ll be awhile before the trial I’m told.

  61. Collin on Thu, 5th May 2011 11:01 am 

    I think that Jeff Foiles should continue to offer hunts just not kill 217 birds in one day with 4 guys. In my opinion he is an idiot for killing that many.

  62. Jeremy Crosslnad on Tue, 10th May 2011 8:23 pm 

    Have they set a trial date?

  63. Ron on Thu, 23rd Jun 2011 10:03 pm 

    06/23/2011 Plead guilty. An accused poacher is now a convicted poacher. So goodbye to to your Benelli sponsorship. No more Macks, Cabellas, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro. Next round Canada. The Canadian Government will not be so foregiving.

  64. Dean Parisian on Fri, 24th Jun 2011 10:58 am 

    Will the jail allow goose calls to be blown? His reply, in my opinion, was in the same tone that got him in trouble.

  65. travis on Fri, 1st Jul 2011 1:23 pm 

    Sometimes people just dont know when they have won. He has worked so hard to become what he is today. The unfortunate thing is, so many individuals just dont realize what they have and they get greedy. This trial is not about only blind limits. It is much more than that. Luck runs out and i love watching his videos but unfortunatly the fids are gonna win this one. It takes 1 minute to get into trouble and a lifetime to get out of it.

  66. Brad on Tue, 5th Jul 2011 2:30 pm 

    It never pays to break the law, all of you guys that are still supporting him apparently don’t know crap about what happened, and obviously are not real waterfowlers. Any real educated and conservation minded duck hunter knows that in order to keep shooting ducks year after year, you can’t just shoot a limitless amount whenever. The point is not to “kill the hell out of as many DUCKS/GEESE” as we can you dumbass, it is to preserve waterfowl hunting so that our kids and their kids can still have birds to hunt in the future. That is why laws are in place. Besides, in case you didn’t know, last week both Jeff and his duck club “falling Skies” pled guilty. Here is the link to the USFWS report on the Feds website, read it for yourself.


    He broke the law, and now he has to pay. He didn’t do anything without knowing it. Greed caught up to the guy!

    I say lock em up!

  67. Todd on Mon, 11th Jul 2011 3:05 pm 

    I cannot believe you people are defending this bum. He is a huge di** at all sports shows I have ever been to. Maybe one of the most arrogant people I have ever met. All that is beside the point. He is now a convicted poacher who slide by because of his name. What a joke!!! Anybody who cares about the future of hunting and conservation would not support him or his company…he sets a real good example for the future of hunters eh???

  68. Brandon on Sat, 16th Jul 2011 9:29 pm 

    as far as im concerned he did wrong and its time to face the calls. If we could all do what he illegally did, we would all be waterfowl superstars. I dont know about all of you but i, as a hunter feel like i got kicked in the face. Im a DU member and give every cent i can to help the ducks and theirs people like him out there busting them out of the sky and stacking them a mile high, and if i were to bet he donates or throws the meat away.

  69. Nathan Mitchell on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 11:38 am 

    I’ve been a waterfowler for 40 yrs now, starting from age 10 wading into the marsh in tennis shoes(in the winter, not smart), to leasing 5000+ acres per season to hunt and guide on.I have met all types of hunters. Many had a passion for waterfowling, and everything that comes with it. They also loved waterfowl.
    Now, and in the last couple of decades, it seems to me that more and more, seem to love the competition of killing.How many? How fast?”We limited out in 15 minutes!” “We limited in 12!” This mentality is what I believe leads to overshooting, skybusting, crowding other hunters,etc.And a general lack of respect for the birds, other hunters, and the sport.
    As a guide, I have felt that it is my job to give my clients a chance to have a safe and quality waterfowl hunt.Quality starts with well trained dogs, well placed blinds and decoys, well running boats or ATVs, and great calling.And also some insight into our waterfowling heritage.
    Gang shooting has never been a problem for me or my clients, because we always pick the lead shooter and his back up, and we rotate shooters between each group that decoys in.In larger groups, we designate sections of our field of fire as theirs.
    I know I have not said anything about Foiles, I think enough has been said about the guy.I just believe it is all our responsibility to not let this kind of activity, go on around us, with us, or be sponsored by us.
    Slow down and enjoy, Life is fast enough

  70. Allan E Bingeman on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 5:51 pm 

    I Think we need to remember how mant birds are in this world and how many airplanes they ring havoc with.Yes poaching is wrong but how many hunters have not shot to many birds by accident! GOOD LUCK Jeff you are the man.#1 calls

  71. Nathan Mitchell on Thu, 21st Jul 2011 5:57 pm 

    I remember how many birds there wasn’t.Many times in the past, there have been decades of low numbers of ducks.We suffered and conserved through it.We were grateful when the populations rebounded, through hard work and conservation. Yes, killing less than even a limit, when by law we could have killed more.This was done to preserve the sport, and the animals we love to hunt.So we and our children could enjoy waterfowling in the future.
    As a retired Correction Officer, I have heard many inmates use the lame excuse that other people have done the same crimes and not been caught to somehow justify them doing wrong.
    I don’t personally know how you can (accidentally) shoot over your limit, if you can count past 5 or 6.
    The law is the law, and no one is above it.

  72. J.Jones on Sun, 24th Jul 2011 10:58 pm 

    I was taught by my dad that if you follow the rules you will never get burned. This guy must have never been taught that. Poaching is wrong and against the law and to ignore that over and over and over again shows that the money to him meant more than the fun of sitting in a boat blind or a field with your buddy’s. This is really bad for the waterfowl industry and the hunters. I follow the rules what makes him so special.

  73. m. protzman on Tue, 26th Jul 2011 1:27 pm 

    Sounds to me like another famous person in the spot light. Just like Tiger Woods everyone out here wishes they could be like him without getting caught!! A case of caught up in the moment. We all say,”sure wish we could do that”, until we get caught. So all we can do is stick with what we know is right, don’t stray from that, and all will be fine. To want that one more is only human, were not perfect, and neither was he. Good luck Jeff

  74. Shay Byars on Wed, 27th Jul 2011 4:06 pm 

    Innocent until proven guilty. I don’t know Jeff, but I know he has done more for ducks than every imbecil on here that speaks out against him, every investigator or wildlife official investigating him, and every prosecuter. YOUR tax dollars wasting promoting the leftist environmental retardation.
    He likely introduced hundreds of GOOD people to duck hunting- who have spent thousands buying products and supporting wetlands conservation.
    Poaching? Are you kidding me man? you obviously have never heard one duck hunting story pre 1950.
    As someone who has been falsely accused of a waterfowl crime and then fired as a result while working 80 hour weeks raising money for conservation, I support Jeff, and every other hunter who works there butt off to get a limit of ducks. For every morning there exists an opportunity to take more than the limit, every true hunter knows there have 20 mornings they were lucky to get one. Limits should carry over even if you get one duck added for every ten you did not get on those bad mornings. The same bad mornings resulting from our NWR system, a system that makes ducks almost exclusively accessible to the heavily landed, and impossible for the middle class hunter to get a duck. The shame in this is the brainwashing opportunity it gave to our liberal press.
    To every hunter thats made a mistake or falsely accused, which is every hunter- we should support each other and stand up against writers of such stories who malign those not even convicted.

  75. Nathan Mitchell on Thu, 28th Jul 2011 5:44 pm 

    Mr. Foiles and his duck club plead GUILTY,on June 23,2011,so the innocent until proven guilty is a moot point.
    Name calling, and painting with a broad brush, everyone who does not agree with someone as imbeciles, helps no one in this situation, except the liberals.A truthful discussion never hurt anyone. Labeling everyone involved other than Mr Foiles as doing less for duck hunting is pure opinion, which everyone is entitled to.
    My opinion is that Mr Foiles was in a great position to impact water-fowling,and public opinion, good or bad. He probably has done much for the sport, but a lapse in judgment can erase years of good in the public eye. We all know, as Mr Foiles should have , that there are people just waiting,and hoping for a chance to point out anything they can, to bring down hunting.As long as some equate numbers of ducks killed to be the same as a quality hunt, there will be the chance of more bad press for the hunting community.

  76. J.Jones on Fri, 5th Aug 2011 11:07 am 

    I am middle working class and i have no problem killing ducks maybe you should look in to improving your hunting techniques.
    Taking more than your limit day after day after day after day is illegal. END OF STORY.

  77. daniel bridges on Sun, 7th Aug 2011 9:57 am 

    I am also a middle class man that’s the sport of waterfowl and I think Jeff had a amazing duck club with his fields and the time he spent to make food and keep all those ducks on his property was amazing! Not to mention Jeff was prolly the best duck caller on TV. Good luck Jeff hope everything works in your favor I look forward to seeing new falling skies DVDs in future

  78. daniel bridges on Sun, 7th Aug 2011 10:46 am 

    And also this whole waterfowl takes a black eye is b.s the only black eye is the money he’s not raising to put back to the sport. And for all the people thrrowing all these rules out there I bet u go get in your boat after a hundred t and all your ducks together on a lanyard on way back to ramp don’t you! That’s illegal its called party hunting if 6 of you are hunting you don’t hunt till have a six man limint as you limint increases your number of shooters do also ” bet you don’t that” and in boat ride you limit of ducks are suppose beside you in your possion and have your name on them how many people make sure you have pen and paper in you duck bag. Lets be real do we obey all rules to tee or look over the b.s ones

  79. Nathan Mitchell on Mon, 22nd Aug 2011 11:38 am 

    Some of us do, we let each man shoot HIS limit. Each hunter has his lanyard with his birds on it. Rules are easy, just follow them to the best of your ability. Most officers can see and , respect a good faith try at following the rules. If we have a gamehog in the blind, he shoots alone, and he’ll only get about one hunt with us.
    If this guy really shot geese in a city park, with a pellet gun to get their leg bands, well that IS sad.

  80. n dawson on Thu, 15th Sep 2011 12:13 pm 

    Found guilty, fined $100,000.00 and sentenced to 13 months.
    Found guilty in Canada. Criminal charges including unnecessary pain and suffering and stupid enough to videotape it all.

  81. TunchLives on Fri, 16th Sep 2011 11:21 am 

    I can’t believe people are defending this sicko. We’re talking about someone who tortured and played with wounded ducks, shot way over his limit day after day after day, and shot neck banded geese with a pellet gun in a city park by luring them with bread.

    He is NOT a sportsman, and he has done untold damage to the sport and to any waterfowling organization or association. It depresses me to think that I share this sport with him and with some of the kill-happy scofflaws on this site.

  82. mark hurley on Fri, 23rd Sep 2011 7:30 am 

    Two sides to this I guess, I myself only shoot what I can eat, Black duck’s and Malards. Is this guy shooting tons of Snowgeeses or other birds. I just don’t see how people can shoot enough snowgeese to keep them from flying south and doing all the damage that they do to crop fields. Not that I would waist the money on shells or the time from my day to just go kill something. now if found guilty of marketing the meat ducks, well… all I can say is he’s taking them away from my hunt. I may only shoot a few ducks each year, but I enjoy watching them fly. If I want to pull a trigger I go to the trap club and can shoot untill the barrel melts off my gun.

  83. Bill P on Wed, 5th Oct 2011 7:26 pm 

    This guy completely ruined his rep in the waterfowl industry. For the people that think they are his friends and that think he did nothing bad at all and that he did nothing but good for the waterfowl industry you need to wake up and see what the court proved him guilty of. I am sick of seeing this guy at local waterfowl events showing off all of his bands that he poached he geese that they came off and his “cool looking calls”.

  84. Bill P on Wed, 5th Oct 2011 7:28 pm 


  85. John H on Mon, 17th Oct 2011 2:49 pm 

    Why would anyone defend this tool? Lets be clear-this isnt just a case of blind limits. Its not a case of ignorance about an obscure game law. This jackass knew exactly what he was doing and not only that-he made LOTS of money doing it. You wont see me sporting any final approach gear-let him pay his own legal fees.

  86. Canadian on Sun, 23rd Oct 2011 3:45 pm 

    This piece of crap moron was just convicted in Canada for a bunch of crap he pulled off including cruelty to animals.He’s banned from Canada for 3 years(it should be a lifetime ban) from hunting in Canada.I hope they don’t let his fat ass back across the border EVER!!!

  87. Angry hunter on Sun, 23rd Oct 2011 4:22 pm 

    Fowl hunter fined for foul actions
    Posted 2 days ago
    EDMONTON — A “celebrity” U.S. fowl hunter who sells videos of his outdoor antics was fined Wednesday by an Edmonton judge for hunting illegally and being cruel to wounded birds.

    Jeffery Burdett Foiles, a 54-year-old Illinois man, was dinged $14,500 and banned from hunting in Canada for three years after earlier pleading guilty to several charges under the Migratory Birds Convention Act and two criminal charges of causing cruelty to animals.

    Judge Susan Richardson took Foiles — who did not have to personally appear in court — to task for what she found were the aggravating factors in the case, including his “gratuitous harm to animals and total lack of respect to the avian resources of this country.”

    Richardson also noted Foiles will now have a criminal record and could face problems returning to Canada.

    Foiles’ unlawful hunting activities — captured on video in Alberta and Saskatchewan — included him calling the wounded birds by names and hamming it up on camera by talking to them, quacking, hitting and slapping them and wrenching their necks.

    “The duck would have been experiencing distress and pain,” said prosecutor Michelle Ferguson, referring to one incident where Foiles “wrenches” a duck’s neck so the bird is looking at him and says: “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” while wagging the neck back and forth.

    Ferguson also cited another incident where Foiles bangs the beak of a duck with a live shotgun shell, roughly manipulates the duck’s head and then places his fingers over the nostrils of the duck and holds its beak closed. He then asks the duck: “Is this how you want to die?”

    As well, Foiles, who markets his videos under the name Fallin’ Skies, illegally hunted waterfowl from a powerboat and repeatedly exceeded his maximum daily bag limit and those of his fellow hunters.

    Ferguson said it was aggravating that Foiles was a visitor to Canada and he made his fowl-hunting videos for profit, purposefully shot over his limit and showed a lack of concern towards the wounded ducks.

    “His actions promoted the needless suffering of those animals,” said Ferguson.

    Defence lawyer Steve Fix told court Foiles was a divorced father of four adult children and said he was not in a position to dispute the charges because they are dated and the hunter does not recall all of the events.

    “He regrets this matter from the outset and simply wants to move on,” said Fix.

    During the hunts, Foiles would address the birds by names, including “Mr. Honker” and “Mrs. Mallard,” and would not immediately dispatch injured fowl.

    In one videotaped incident, a laughing Foiles “plays” to the camera while whacking a crippled duck on its beak with his duck call. He then manipulates the body of the wounded bird and shows it his shotgun, explaining it was the cause of the bird’s demise.

    Court also heard Foiles tried to get his cameraman to shoot fowl despite him not having a permit and chuckled on camera while joking about exceeding the bag limits.

    Outside court on Wednesday, Brian Petrar, the operations manager of Environment Canada’s Wildlife division, spoke of Foiles being a “celebrity hunter” and said his hunting video antics were not “conducive to a fair chase.”

    Petrar also spoke of the “ethical part” of hunting and how Foiles “wasn’t afraid to bend the rules to make money.”

    Meanwhile, on Sept. 21, Foiles was sentenced in U.S. District Court to 13 months in jail and fined $100,000 after earlier pleading guilty to violating federal wildlife laws south of the border, as well.


  88. Augustine Passante on Fri, 13th Jan 2012 6:55 am 

    ive been reading everyones comments and i gotta say i def support jeff foiles – even though he has been convicted of the charges – people should actually look at what he was convicted of – read the indictments – 23 times he shot over his limit – many of them were 1 or 2 birds over and many of them were only over his personal limit and not the group limit….then they get him on animal cruelity – i cant even tell u how many times i let a wounded goose walk around my decoy spread because it helps attract more geese and finished him when the hunt was done – then they say jeff foiles goes to parks and shoots banded geese with pellot guns – thats not even in the indictment – its a rumor that was made up by someone that worked for foiles started and then that same guy started his own hunting club after getting immunity from the feds

    im 27 years old and have been hunting hard for 10 years and yah know what im sick of? im sick of the “old time hunters” that talk about never shooting over there limits and think there “mr conservationist” – old time hunters are the reason we have all these rules and less waterfowl – they took geese and ducks by the boatloads with swivel guns from areas like the mississippi and chesepeak bay – im not trying to be disrespectful here at all but i dont like people thinking there better then foiles – hes a good guy whose given thousands to ducks unlimited and helped waterfowl hunting more than people realize… all the videos and hunting aside hes a normal guy who loves hunting and has been since he was 6 years old – when he gets out of jail and gets his lisecence back ill be the first one in line buying his stuff

    plus there are millions of ducks and geese out there – in new york its getting to the point where the dec is about to give farms nusance permits to shoot them – plus u can never trust the government with anything to do with hunting – in new york the dec is the biggest double talker ive ever seen – in one breath they support hunters and in the other they take funds from hunting liscencses and buy up “state land” then make that land forever wild so no motorized vehicles can access it – now u have millions of acres and no one can use it but the hikers and tree huggers who complain at the first sight of a hunter – complete bs – i think jeff foiles was made an example of – an anyone that thinks there a saint when it comes to following the rules is lying or at least 99 percent of them are…

    and one more point – this is just from my experience here in ny – the dec and “gamewardens” half the time dont even know the laws themselves – i consider myself pretty educated on the laws when it comes to ducks and geese – several times i called up the dec to ask questions and they cant even give u answers – the same guys are so quick to give u tickets for everything under the sun when they confront u in the field – the reason im educated about the laws is because early on me and the guys i have grown up hunting with were issued some tickets – mostly for non hunting related things – not enough life jackets in a boat – loved that 250 dollar fine – one time my buddy who was first time hunting with us on public land didnt sign his name accross his duck stamp – dec came and gave him 100 dollar fine – u wanna talk about discouraging young hunters – it isnt jeff foiles its the law enforcment – as a result my friend never hunted again – it boiles down to one thing and this is really the reason jeff foiles got busted…that is the feds have to justify there job – they need as much publicity as possibly and taking down big name hunters and painting them as poachers is a great way to stir up the tree huggers and ensure the population believes they need more environmental lawenforcment – thus securing there job….

  89. martin on Tue, 17th Jan 2012 4:44 pm 

    Its amazing to see that you can stand behind this man after reading the post from angery hunter. Shooting 1 or 2 birds over your bag limit is one thing we all will probly do one day, but making animals suffer? come on now.. I shoot to kill not to wound and if i do wing a bird its dead before it knows whats happening. I would never let a wounded bird walk around my decoys that is horrible and unsportsman like. I can respect some of the things AP said above but not that. If they have him on video doing those things to those ducks then he should rot in jail forever, better yet let him try that to me. lets not forget we hunt so we can eat not kill. I joined the military to kill, if yall wanna kill go take the oath and get deployed..

  90. Augustine Passante on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 5:28 am 

    well martin i would have to disagree with u on a few things – one we don’t hunt to eat in today’s society – or very few people actually do…. we hunt as a sport – half the ducks i shoot are divers – mergansers and such – they eat fish out of the Hudson river here in NY – the DEC in NY recommends not eating them because the fish they eat contain PCB from the river so that argument doesn’t fly in today’s world or else they wouldn’t allow you to hunt things you cant eat – try eating a crow…..and i too am in the military and i didn’t join to kill – i joined to serve my country and protect it in case it was ever attacked – i hunt geese and ducks because there’s nothing like shooting birds and yeah i agree its not ethical to let a wounded goose walk around my spread – but unfortunately i do it anyway i am not gonna defend it because anyone that reads this convo would agree with u …..just to comment on angry hunters post – i didn’t know ringing a gooses neck was animal cruelty – its actually not – its how real hunters finish off there birds – not wasting another shot to fill it full of steel so when u eat it your crunching on shot – then he says foiles displayed cruelty to animals by and ill use angry hunters exact quote “included him calling the wounded birds by names and hamming it up on camera by talking to them”….it isn’t animal cruelty – he may have a few screws loose – calling a bird Mr honker and laughing about shooting a goose is not a big deal at all – after i shoot birds i laugh my ass off and get excited – the whole reason i do it is for the sport, the adrenaline rush – there’s nothing like shooting birds and i get pumped when the birds come in cupped and committed and we hammer them – the judge and prosecutor should try it sometime, they would probably be laughing too, but no what this shows is a judge who probably knows nothing about waterfowl hunting and the sheer numbers of birds taken and sometimes the brutality of finishing off a bird – iv taken plenty of birds in my life and i still feel my human side come out when i ring a wounded birds neck to end his life – its not for the faint of heart – anyway i do appreciate the comment martin and although i may be in the minority on this argument i just have a difference of opinion

  91. Augustine Passante on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 6:00 am 

    o and 1 more comment because i just read something that tuncheslives posted on Sept 16th – and i have to comment

    “I can’t believe people are defending this sicko. We’re talking about someone who tortured and played with wounded ducks, shot way over his limit day after day after day, and shot neck banded geese with a pellet gun in a city park by luring them with bread.”

    1) he didn’t torture wounded ducks – iv actually seen all the falling skies videos and when this came out i went back and watched for incidences of this sort and there are a few but the ducks are dead – there eyes are open – as most ducks are when they die – he manipulates the dead ducks and screws around – not something i have ever done and i thought it was weird but not cruelty when there dead – and waterfowl don’t understand English so laughing and making jokes like “Mr. Honker” aint gonna hurt no feelings out there

    2) he didn’t over shoot his limit day in and day out – actually he hunted everyday for 4 months straight for 10 solid years – over 1000 days in the field and most of them were taped or had undercover federal agents with him – they have him on 12 counts of shooting over his limit – far from the day in and day out of the above comment – read the actual indictment before u make stupid comments

    3) stop saying he went to parks and shot geese with a BB gun – i am getting sick of this comment – it was never even in the indictment – it was a comment made by a former employee that foiles fired for sleeping with his wife – the same employee was given immunity by the feds and actually recanted that statement – even when foiles admitted to shooting over his limit a dozen times in over 1000 hunts and committing the “tree hugger” interpretation of animal cruelty to animals he denied ever going to parks to shoot banded geese. again please read the indictment before u make stupid comments

    i feel like 90% of the comments on here against him are just bashing him with nothing to back it up – people hear a couple things that are probably untrue and just make outlandish statements – before anyone comments please do some homework – i don’t mind having descending opinions – as martin so kindly did – ill debate anyone on this topic til my face turns blue but please have something to back it up, take the time to read the indictments and do a little homework first – if u make stupid comments i’m gonna do my best to embarrass u….thanks

  92. martin on Wed, 18th Jan 2012 10:16 am 

    First its greats great to know you too have served AP. “Ferguson also cited another incident where Foiles bangs the beak of a duck with a live shotgun shell, roughly manipulates the duck’s head and then places his fingers over the nostrils of the duck and holds its beak closed. He then asks the duck: “Is this how you want to die?””
    That seems to be more than “a few screws loose. And yes I have broken birds necks, more than once. That is not what the above article stated, it said “wrenched” “talking to them, quacking, hitting and slapping them and wrenching their necks.”
    “Foiles “wrenches” a duck’s neck so the bird is looking at him and says: “Look at me when I’m talking to you,” while wagging the neck back and forth.”
    That dose not sound like he was showing mercy but being cruel. As for killing in the military, I joined to serve and protect but our TI’s made us learn quick that as soliders we were to kill in combat, Im sure you got the same thing fromyours AP. I think we can all agree that this guy is not making other hunters look good. keep doing your homework AP because im sure most of what people say is false, and if so it should not be posted, but if some of this is true this guy is not helping our sport. God Bless America!

  93. CutEm214 on Wed, 22nd Feb 2012 11:07 am 

    From reading his comments I have decided that Augustine is not a hunter, but most likely an anti-hunter. He may even be a card-carrying member of PETA. If not, I would lump his comments and point of view with the now infamous Jeff Foiles as being the worst possible representation that we hunters have today.

    I own a Foiles call and one of his videos, but only one. It was apparent to me after watching that one video that this guy is a poor representation of our sport. The indictment provides way too much information for anyone to say that Foiles is anything but a serial offender and does not deserve the privilege of hunting ducks.

    I know censorship can be a tricky thing, but the best thing the MODS can do is erase these comments before they end up on a poster at the next “fur is murder” rally….

  94. Augustine Passante on Mon, 19th Mar 2012 2:27 am 

    cutem214……first off brother im not an anti-hunter, i actually don’t even know how that comment or the one about PETA makes any sense, u can call me a ass for believing what i believe but the comments make no sense at all – quite honestly i don’t know which one of my comments would make u believe im a member of PETA considering i despise everything about organizations like that

    also just need to point out that hunting ducks is not a privilege – people who say that have no idea what there talking about – hunting is a right plain and simple – a right that everyone is entitled to at birth – it wasn’t to many years ago that hunters used live ducks as decoys and were legally allowed to do that – hunters also used to make there own decoys and use the skin and feathers of ducks and geese they shot to make there decoys look realistic (something that the public would probably be up in arms about today) – i wonder if the Native Americans used kosher hunting methods trying to put food on the table? – in my opinion hunting means killing – there aint nothing nice about it – its brutal and goes back well before government got involved

    with that said PETA can have as many “fur is murder” rallies as they want – it doesn’t affect my hunting – i follow 99% of the hunting rules as do most people – but if PETA had there way and they banned hunting (which would never happen so we have nothing to worry about) i would still go out and hunt anyway because i feel its a right. if you want to argue anymore cut em just let me know…..would love to debate you on any topic related to this….but i will do my best to embarrass you if i disagree…..

  95. CutEm214 on Wed, 4th Apr 2012 5:28 pm 

    No need to debate…you’ve done enough to embarrass yourself and hunters as a whole with your comments. Have a nice day.

    MODERATORS – One more time…any chance we can get this comments section removed?

  96. Augustine Passante on Fri, 6th Apr 2012 2:37 am 

    cutem – how do u feel about the duck commander biting ducks in the head to kill them when they put them down? just out of curiosity?…..and the moderators aren’t going to take comments off of here when there strictly opinions and the whole point of the website is for differing opinions….if you want to chat strictly with people who agree with your side then go call one of your buddies and have a few beers and tell stories about your hunting escapades because obviously in the fantasy world bubble you live in your the great white hunter…..instead of attacking me personally through a website when u have no clue who i am u should just give some points to back up your arguments…..the point i was making with my comments is that most of the stuff going around about Jeff Foiles is untrue and even some of the stuff that is true many of us have all been guilty of from time to time whether on purpose or mistake – not saying the guy is a saint, far from it, if he broke the law purposely and for profit then he should be punished….the biggest thing that irritated me was the things people were saying weren’t even on the indictment – i don’t mind bashing the guy but at least do some homework and bash him for what he did, not rumors that aren’t true….

  97. Michael P. Blattner (wtrfowl07) on Fri, 20th Jul 2012 10:59 pm 

    Jeff Foiles has the best calls period! It sure is hard to beat the sound of a timber rattler.


    I think he will do just fine with his call company and has a ton of opportunities for success. He will still have a lot of time to hunt. Hopefully he can still make waterfowl videos. Best of luck

  98. adam on Wed, 8th Aug 2012 9:14 pm 

    responding to augustine’s post, they were called market hunters get your facts right . I don’t care how good his calls are jeff is a bad name for our sport,can’t put a price on enjoyment of just being out there hunting,no complaining from him,he made his bed now he has to sleep in it, if his products are so good why do you see them on craiglist alot.

  99. adam on Wed, 8th Aug 2012 9:30 pm 

    jeff has nothing on scott thrienen for goose calling

  100. Augustine Passante on Wed, 10th Oct 2012 9:17 am 

    i dont care what you call them adam ….. and after market hunting became illegal and they continued to do it what would u call them then? and scott thrienen? come on bro….. been around long enough to say absolutly not on that comment…..

  101. Augustine Passante on Mon, 29th Oct 2012 1:27 am 

    scott thrienen is mostly a turkey hunter even though hes know for goose……u got some bad grammar adam

  102. FlockedUpMigrator1 on Wed, 9th Jan 2013 11:04 pm 

    Jeff has produced some of the best calls i have ever used, as well as his son my main duck call is one of Coles. There is noone in the sport of waterfowling that has the knowledge of Jeff Foiles BUT with his name comes a higher standard to hunt by, I personally know of many people that have told me they have over killed and been caught, what do they get a small fine and nothing else. Jeff on the other hand with his name and his involvment in the waterfowl industy is expected to live and hunt within the laws, and if they didnt do anything about it then the gov. would be sending a message that it is ok! I believe he should be charged and convicted if in fact he did. I will still use and promote Foiles calls and other products!

  103. Bryon Hall on Sun, 7th Sep 2014 12:03 pm 

    I met Jeff, heck of a guy. Trust is, if you are going play, you are going to pay with the limit issues. Good luck and Hunt on!

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