Change Direction Drill

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Change Direction Drill

Postby Alaska_Skeeter » Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:43 pm

Most cast refusals are "scallops" or "digbacks" where the retriever continues in the direction his momentum was carrying him before the sit whistle.

This drill helps condition pup to change direction, and therefore is a good teaching drill to help pup understand and ultimately minimize cast refusals.

This drill can be done on land or in the water.
It can be used to teach and maintain 2 important concepts:
1) Every time pup hears the sit whistle, pup must tread water and focus on the handler waiting for the next cast.
2) Every time pup hears the sit whistle, pup must change direction with the next cast.

Since this is a casting drill, I like to start with a remote cast rather than lining the dog from my side.
It is a simple drill, all you need is 2 bumpers and a pond.
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