Apex TSS/S3 and TSS waterfowl loads

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Apex TSS/S3 and TSS waterfowl loads

Postby Jeepx4127 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 8:07 am

I stumbled across their site the other day and saw their waterfowl loads.
Curious if anyone has any experience with their TSS/S3 shells or pure TSS shotshells
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Re: Apex TSS/S3 and TSS waterfowl loads

Postby ibedamn » Thu Oct 22, 2020 11:04 am

Goose Shot  (2).jpg
Note 3rd goose from the right taking a load.

I have not, but have tried a small sample of the Black Cloud TSS. I was very impressed with results, but have not shot enough to make an informed decision. I did kill three geese last week with the Federal Heavyweight Turkey loads 2-3/4" 1-1/4 oz of # 7's at 1300 FPS. But, that's not the TSS stuff, but still was effective. Note the 3rd goose from the right.
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