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Sock Decoys, Floaters, Layout Blind

Thu May 07, 2020 1:00 pm

For sale the following: Five dozen Whiterock Specklebelly sock decoys, 2 dozen no heads, 1 dozen feeders(flocked), 1 dozen uprights(flocked), and 1 dozen upright (painted). The Speck's have Skyfly backbones and stakes(no bungee cords). Two dozen Whiterock Canada sock decoys with heads. One dozen feeder flocked and one dozen upright flocked. One dozen Deadly sock decoys with heads and Skyfly backbones and stakes. Four Whiterock Canada Blind Door Decoys(new). Two Whiterock Speck Blind Door Decoys. All of these sock decoys are in excellent condition. Also included is a Deadly Decoys white soft bag. One-half dozen Canada sleeper floaters that have removable keels(will double as field decoys). I re-painted the floaters with Parker paint(airbrushed). The dark paint is a little fragile. A rattle can paint application would take care of that I think. Total for all decoys is $75.00 firm. Also, one Roger's layout blind. Used once. Misted with paint to remove the shine. Roger's blind pad included, $25.00 firm. I forgot to add that I have about 50 Skyfly backbones and stakes too with the decoy price. Local pickup only, Boise Idaho.
The sleeper Canada's are gone, along with a dozen Cabelas Real Image duck decoys in great shape. Given to a young hunter working on the house next door. The neighbors had a serious housefire. Remediation under way. The Canadas were Hardcores, not Higdon. My bad.
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Re: Sock Decoys, Floaters, Layout Blind

Sun May 17, 2020 9:25 am

Bump. They're all gone except for the layout blind and the Skyfly backbones and stakes. I think there are 40 sets of those. Have some 3 ft. long Whiterock stakes too. Two dozen maybe.
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