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Thu Mar 19, 2015 6:26 am

DHC Litter Posting Requirements. There is no fee to post a litter in this forum but you must read and abide by the requirements before doing so. Dogs only.

Any ad not compliant with the rules will be deleted without notice. We do not allow ‘bumps’ nor a repeat listing of the litter ad to be posted. Puppy ads or a started dog only permitted here.

DHC Hunting Dog Litter Requirements:
1. Use the State abbreviation on the subject line (ex. OH) so a buyer knows where you are located
2. Breed of pups and only AKC, UKC, or Legitimate Registry breeds permitted aka Purebred. Must be hunting breed.
3. Full registered name of both Sire and Dam
4. Health clearances must be posted on both Sire and Dam which at a minimum include Hips (OFA/Penn Hip), Eyes, Elbows
5. Additional certifications recommended include EIC, Cardiac, CNM, DM
6. Puppy ‘health checks’ by a veterinarian are not Health Certifications on the Sire and Dam
7. Puppy Price, and required deposit amount
8. Relevant Titles on the Sire and Dam or a full pedigree (or link) on the pair or separately
9. Expected colors
10. Health Guarantee
11. Contact information/website address if applicable
12. You may post 1 litter or started dog per year (12 month period)
13. Ad's will be deleted after 45 days unless you notify us otherwise

If your ad is not complete or does not meet the requirements and is deleted, we will do our best to contact you via PM and include a copy of your post to be edited to the information required. Please be aware this is not a promise, so it is your responsibility to be accurate in your posting.

You may post a Started Dog. If doing so all requirements above apply and must include the level of training the dog has received and/or accomplished.

Please keep your ad updated as needed and PM HNTFSH if the litter is sold out or you would like your ad deleted. Also, this is not a discussion thread, please only post pertinent questions about the litter.
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