North Alabama hunting

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North Alabama hunting

Postby parkerbaseball » Wed Nov 11, 2015 1:39 pm

Hey guys first I want to let you know I am NOT LOOKING FOR SPOTS TO HUNT, just some basic stuff from North Alabama hunting.
I recently moved to North Georgia and looking into making a few trips to Alabama in search of some ducks.
A couple questions though, please be honest and helpful and I will be greatly appreciative!
1. In General how is the hunting in North Alabama? (compared to North Georgia) I figure its much better but don't want to make trips in advance if you guys tell me its not any better than where I am..
2. Most of the hunting I would have access to would be Public Correct? Would it be worth my time to scout for private spots and attempt to gain permission or just stick to the public areas? Again NOT looking for a place to hunt just trying to get a feel for Alabama because I know each state is a little different on private lands.. Some places are generally locked up, others more receptive..
3. I do not have a boat is that a problem in Alabama? how limited will that make me? Is a kayak worth my time in this area or just abandoned that idea and search for smaller "duck holes" and again is this possible in Alabama? Not looking for spots I have not hunted much and not at all in Alabama so I have no idea about the duck hunting there but what I have researched online, seems most hunting is in marshes ext..

thank you guys for helping me out!
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Re: North Alabama hunting

Postby rnf444 » Mon Jan 04, 2016 3:43 pm

Probably not worth your time without a boat. There are a few spots to walk to but you'll only shoot 1-2 ducks on a good day there.
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