Serious Hawaii Hunting Question.

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Serious Hawaii Hunting Question.

Postby nk1nk » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:39 pm

Well it looks like the Hawaii section is a playground to just mess around and as I know its obviously not a waterfowl state I am wondering if anybody from Hawaii pops into this site and if you do, do you hunt erkle's or quail? I am going to be working on the Big Island all of december and january and would love to get out and shoot. I was last on the Big Island 3 years ago and the state inspector for the jobsite we worked on took us out a lot but I lost all my contact info for him when I lost my phone. Any insight would be awesome. Thanks.

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Re: Serious Hawaii Duck Hunting Question.

Postby Joe Guide » Wed Dec 05, 2012 5:52 am

I've been stationed at K Bay with Marines and at Pearl Harbor a number of times and your best best would be to check with the Base Game Warden at Schofield Army Base and ask his opinion.

I was saltwater fly fishing outside the Turtle Sanctuary for Bonefish in March two years ago and was mighty surprized to hear a hen mallard calling. I then saw a pair of mallards flying down that shallow bay.

I did read a old duck hunting article from around 1905 that talked about a excellent duck hunt on a manmade lake on one of the outer islands where three hunters killed their limit.

Other than hunting the big pig on the outer islands and a priviate property which was a GMA the Skeet Range on Schofield was the only shotgun action in Hawaii.
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