Coming to Billings. Would love to make friends

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Coming to Billings. Would love to make friends

Postby Gatordone » Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:33 pm

Hey all. I'm heading to billings tomorrow and will be hunting from Sunday - next Friday. I'm just gonna be freelancing on the Yellowstone and Bighorn Rivers. Not looking for the X, not looking to shoot limits (I'm on vacation, what am I going to do with them! lol). Just looking to see Montana and shoot a few birds. Would love to join up with you on a hunt on the river or in a field. Happy to help with putting out decoys, paying for boat gas or buying beers and burgers after a shoot. Would just love to see it as a local does. Regardless of response I'll be hunting 12 hours a day and making my own fun, so any new friends would just be a bonus. I'm coming from Florida so I'm always glad to have new friends come down to fish, hunt gators, turkeys, or get you cheap disney tickets. Lol. Would just love to travel and make new friends. Thanks guys!
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