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Postby Bozo_Drake » Thu Dec 12, 2019 12:07 am

My name is Max. I moved to Bozeman after I got out of the Marines to go to college. More so to ski and fly fish but there happened to be a college in town as well. Liked the area so much I have put down roots and will hopefully never leave. I have a wife and two little boys. I work in North Dakota as an engineer in the Oil and Gas industry so I’m gone for 20 days then home for 10. I am a pretty experienced upland bird hunter and I’ve got a Brittany named Tubbs. Working in ND exposed me to waterfowl and I really enjoy it. I’m trying to build up a decent field hunting spread since that’s all I really know how to do but gonna figure out the river thing and canyon ferry too one of these days. It’s a work in progress. Working on spots in my own back yard and always looking for people to hunt/fish with so holler at me and I’ll buy you a beer or cup of coffee or even better we can go chase some birds around!

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