Email scam possibility

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Email scam possibility

Postby Paul26 » Mon Aug 13, 2018 7:42 pm

Last week I recv’d one of those scam emails trying to get me to send someone money ($1800 in bitcoin....kind of cool, actually).

The title of the email was my password to nc duck chat.

The scammer claimed to have acquired my password (which he clearly did), infiltrated my computer, accessed the imbedded camera, and recorded video of me doing things I wouldn’t want my mother to know of. If he didnt get the $, the video would be sent to all my email contacts.

Fortunately for me I knew it was a scam, as the most risqué thing I have viewed on my computer are female Cabelas models. But I have to admit: it was a little unsettling see my password in the open.

My point in all this: this chat service may have been hacked. I used that same PW for one other online service, so it could have been that one and not NC Duck Chat. If you use the same password for your banking as you do for this site, I would change your banking PW.
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Re: Email scam possibility

Postby CatFan » Tue Aug 14, 2018 2:50 pm

I'd be more concerned that your PC was hacked. While I'm not an expert on cyber security I do have a background in computer science. I doubt that this site stores passwords in plain text so someone could not just gain access to their database and read all our passwords. They mostly likely encrypted and have to be decrypted in the process of validating your login. Without any other info about this, if I had to choose between hacking this site and hacking your PC, I would say the later is the more likely possibility.
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