Sage grouse hunting

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Sage grouse hunting

Postby AAR » Thu Sep 11, 2014 9:05 pm

Hey guys,

Well from what I hear this may be the last season to hunt the ol' sage chicken. I have been thinking about he whole thing a ton and came up with a hopeful plan to fly my son and I to Wyoming and try to get a sage or two a piece so he can have the opportunity to hunt them when he may never have the chance to do so again in his life.
So if you are a guide, know a guide, hunt them and could tag along or even know a general area we could drive and walk around a few days to try and get them, please help! Not in any way looking for or wanting a free ride, will pay for a guide, or non guide taking us out. Offering cash, bird taxidermy swap options, whatever floats the boat to get something going. Season ends at the end of this month so really anytime during the open season dates works for me.
My son is only nine so not concerned about it having to be a flushing shot from a pointer and all that. Standing there like they often do is just fine for me. Deer he shot last year was just standing too, so please refrain from the sporting comments.
Anyway, if anyone can help at all, please shoot me a pm :beer:


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