How do you eat your ducks/geese?

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Re: How do you eat your ducks/geese?

Postby fowlmouthed » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:36 pm

For geese, I brine mine with just plain salt and water for 3 days changing out the water 2-3 times a day when it turns red. After that, I put it in a zip lock bag and put in soy sauce, sriracha and honey. I marinate it for 2 days and a few hours before using it, I cut in into small strips and then throw them back into the bag and pound them flat with a meat tenderizer. I then cook them in a frying pan with butter until rare or medium rare. It tastes almost like Asian style beef. I then serve it over rice or just eat as is. I haven't tried it that way with duck yet, but I may have to.
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Re: How do you eat your ducks/geese?

Postby Boatman » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:08 pm

Best duck recipe

In an iron skillet olive oil, one or two large onions, cook onions till soft then push them around the edge of the pan make the pan hot and a little butter. Set duck breast in hot Skillet and Sear till rare, medium rare okay but don't cook till medium, the rare the better. When you sear the outside it retains all the moisture inside the duck breast. Enjoy

Goose breast

Best way as said above is to pastrami goose breast any kind snow goose Brant doesn't matter all come out great.

Another great way is goose burritos. So slice goose breast in dime thin slices. Then marinade in a vacuum seal bag with Lowery's mandarin orange & Ginger marinade and add sesame seeds. Overnight is fine. Heat up a fry pan pour that in hot pan cook it til the goose is rare then add some soy sauce. It can be cooked past rare. Now take a burrito wrap the big ones putting some goose, scallions or onions, cheese or anything else you want to add wrap it like you're wrapping meat stick a toothpick in the flap and toss in a fry pan with oil and brown. It will be the best Goose you've ever had. This recipe I got off of the water dog Justin Tackett pod cast, it is definitely worth trying. Enjoy
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Re: How do you eat your ducks/geese?

Postby BusterAZ » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:12 pm

I like my ducks plucked, brined, and roasted on the grill. Been throwing in some maple wood to add a little smoke.
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