Granddad's 1964 14 ft Flat Bottom to Layout Boat (DIY)

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Granddad's 1964 14 ft Flat Bottom to Layout Boat (DIY)

Postby akaspecials » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:02 am

Finally finished my duck boat about an hour ago! I'll get better pictures in the light, but had to share tonight after 2 years of trying to find time and money to complete it.

This is a 1964 Starcraft that my grandfather owned. (1436 flat bottom aluminum.) He passed it to me after his eye sight and balance went.

I'd call Grandad after every fishing and hunting trip so he could live vicariously through me and my friends after he couldn't get out anymore. He passed a few years ago and I can't call him now. It still makes me tear up when I go to pick up the phone some Sunday afternoons.

Over the last year or two after his death, I decked the entire boat, repainted the base and camouflage, added four watertight hatches, navigation lights, led headlights, led deck lights, USB ports, cigarette lighter (for handheld spot light), stereo, bilge pump, removable swivel leaning post/casting seat, cup holders, rod holders, oars, a seperate electrical system for the trolling motor with a total of three 12v batteries, a custom fit hunting blind with 4 rivers doors over the cockpit, a dog blind made of bimini fittings and conduit, and a Backwaters mud motor.

I can't see him anymore, but I know Granddad is gonna be out there in spirit when my stepson and I launch this refinished version of "The Bill Collector" next week. I think he'd be damn proud to see what that old ragged boat looks like now. (Except for the stereo. He wouldn't give a damn for the stereo. He didn't think stereos belonged in public and he is probably right. Haha.)

Finally, a big thanks to Oskar and Zack Taylor for inspiration. Zack Taylor realized a small jon boat could be made into a waterfowling machine at a fraction of the cost of what boat builders are asking. His plans for the Zack box really got my mind going. And Oskar built a modified Zack box and posted some really good posts a few years ago and answered some questions. Thank you for that Oskar!

Blinded up.
Blind stored, 5 dozen dekes, 3 jerk lines, mo marsh seat. Ready to motor.
Hunting mode with dog blind up.
Fishing mode. No blind.
When I started.
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Re: Granddad's 1964 14 ft Flat Bottom to Layout Boat (DIY)

Postby HNTFSH » Mon Jun 29, 2020 5:13 am

Nice job and always great to have a Grandad tribute. I am surprised though that she floats...that's a LOT of stuff in a 14x36.
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Re: Granddad's 1964 14 ft Flat Bottom to Layout Boat (DIY)

Postby ohio mike » Mon Jun 29, 2020 1:14 pm

Don't ever think your Granddad isn't in that boat with you,cause sometimes he probably is. :thumbsup:
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