Max Distance to Shoot a Deer

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Max Distance to Shoot a Deer

Postby California Sprig » Mon Nov 16, 2020 4:09 pm

I know a guy who took his son deer hunting and attempted a shot I don’t think they should of tried. Just looking for comments and opinions. The son a teen had shot several deer over the last couple years so not a newbie. He shot at a buck that was 431 yards away (about a quarter mile). It was fairly open country. I don’t think there was noticeable wind. The shot hit the upper front leg of the buck. They attempted to follow the blood trail but lost it in heavy almost impenetrable brush. I say that distance , a shot should only be taken by an experienced hunter who is a well practiced expert marksman. I do not know the caliber of the gun or the scope it had. I personally think I would not have taken that shot but I know guys who are probably competent to make that shot. What say you?
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Re: Max Distance to Shoot a Deer

Postby Mike the Fox » Mon Nov 16, 2020 5:08 pm

That seems a bit far in my opinion. Seems like an experienced hunter would have made a stalk to shave some yardage down. I’m in the northeast and I don’t think I’ve ever killed a deer at more than 100 yards. We just don’t have the wide open country like out west

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