Kent Ammunition

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Kent Ammunition

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  1. Nagyducks on Wed, 10th Oct 2012 8:53 pm 

    New to duck hunting, have been deer hunting all my life. Tried duck hunting last year and really enjoyed it. Got a whole lot to learn and willing to listen to everybody’s opion.

  2. Daniel Johnson on Tue, 30th Oct 2012 6:52 pm 

    Hi: would like to tell you the experience I had with Kent Steel shot 12 gauge 3/1/2 1 3/8 oz. shot size 3 it was a nice day for Hunting no strong wind nice and calm, lots of ducks feeding. My Retriever and I were in our blind. When the ducks landed twenty feet away. I took aim at one single duck and they were so close together in a group that you could not get a feather between them. Will I had the perfect shot to get my daily limit but to my surprise when i took the shot I saw a cloud of feathers but not one dead duck. To say the least I was a little tick off, even my dog looked at me to say what the hell. I figured just a bad shell. But to my dismay later that day I jumped shot at a group of ducks around 25 yards or so, another group of feathers but no ducks. So I grabbed a box of Remington shells and went to the woods to shoot some clays with the same choke. I broke 23 clays out of 25 so I guess that Benelli was doing it’s job and I was pretty good to. I will let you decide what was wrong. Just know that Remington will be in my gear bag from now on.

  3. Strike on Wed, 12th Dec 2012 7:45 pm 

    Limited out on lake gville Kent 31/2 bb.

  4. John Ellena on Sat, 5th Jan 2013 1:49 am 

    I have been a a fan of Kents since day one and thats all me and my brother shoot at out family owned club.

  5. Will on Sat, 2nd Feb 2013 11:20 pm 

    Steel is steel, right? When I have a choice I shoot 3″ #4 fasteel. Haven’t had any problems in the three years that I’ve been shooting them almost exclusively.

  6. Joe on Sat, 6th Jul 2013 9:07 am 

    i have never used kent shells. i just got a box of winchester blind sides and have heard mixed thoughts about them. What do you guys think about blind side shells

  7. Nelson on Wed, 6th Nov 2013 9:51 am 

    I’ve hunted a club in suisun for the past 18 years, probably been shooting kent for the last 12 years. I can afford to by it by the case in 3 in. #3 1560 fps. High flying sprig, kamikaze teal and burly mallards have all met their maker with the faststeel. Never a misfire and they pattern great out of my franchi. I like using the same ammo becAuse my leads are consistent. My average is usually around 85-100 birds per case so 2.5 shots per duck. I endorse kent to everyone who asks. Best bang for your buck IMHO.

  8. Brent Barrows on Sun, 29th Jun 2014 8:59 am 

    Saw this site and wanted to say that I have used Kent Fast steel for about 5yrs now and NEVER had a problem shooting them out of my 935 Mossberg.

  9. Stephen Davie on Sat, 1st Nov 2014 1:10 pm 

    I am a senior…and finally admit it. Even ask for the discounts in restaurants and hotels…with some cautious intimidation. I have been duck and goose hunting all my life…virtually. I sold off my best superposed browning duck pieces when our idiot government in the early 1990’s decided we would need to ” register” our shotguns. But we fought, and won, and I made some gun changes, but still shoot brownings…the ” steel compatible” new ones. I like my duck cynergy camo piece. We were loading our own bismuth in #4 and #6 in 1 1/8 oz in new primed high brass. Now that is more difficult, so I am trying the hevi shot #2 srteel #4 tungsten combo. It works. Also tried the 1700 fps hyper steel remington, but am not a fan. My native guides HATE steel….ALL steel. They work their buns off to call in the birds, the hunters shoot them over the decoys more less…over the ponds, the feathers fly, the birds stop quacking, but they fly on for a few hundred yards and drop into the high impossible rushes where they become mink bait or lunch for an osprey. I tried the Black Cloud close range stuff, which works well if you7 happen to get a few pickles in the head. Otherwise, it appears to be a wounding load. I bought on sale ( a super deal) a bunch of 1 3/4 inch 3.5 hevi shot loads (1300 fps) and thought I was back in the 1060’s! But I would not pay the regular price in Canada with the tax and all we get hit with. So…we are trying to get some RIO Bismuth up here. I am going to talk with Cabelas. I mean…c’mon! Canada is where the ducks are…and the geese. Why do we have to BEG for the shot shells from Bass Pro and Cabelas? We will put up an argument to get the new rounds of “just like lead” shells. We owe it to the ducks. The best final conclusion regarding steel came from old friends who shoot Manitoba every year for 15 to 21 days straight. The game warden came out …attracted to their shooting out on the grain fields and ponds. He checked their “steel” shot, and thanked them, then said he would be checking in a few times over the few weeks the boys had left to hunt. His parting remark was…”yup…I am the conservation officer, and I love my job. And when I come back to shoot, if you are shooting lead instead of steel, you won’t get any grief from me. Steel is a wounding load…simple as that!” At my late 60’s and nunting with aging native guides in my most favorite ponds, I feel the same as that western officer. I have made amazing shots on birds that kept flying , only to die a quarter mile away. Horrible! Tungsten=china=long term vulnerability in price and supply. Bismuth=legal patent issues and greed! Hevi shot…great stuff, but I paid less for mi first single shot shotgun than one round of that stuff costs at retail. The gun manufacturers and the ammo companies should get together and agree on a few shot types, and nail it down for today and tomorrow, for duck hunters of today and our grandchildren …forever. All this flip-flop stuff makes me want to just shoot lead. I’ll pay $35 per box for decent loads…but I just don’t like the current day confusion about what a duck load should be. I love hevi shot. I love bismuth. Hello…marketplace? Why make it so damned difficult! I am getting too old for controversy, especially amidst my beloved water-fowling sport. The shotgun manufacturers and the ammo companies should demonstrate some integrity in their understanding of the market needs, and some respect for their loyal companies. Meanwhile…fish all you want with lead split shot…and leave miles of snapped nylon line in the lakes and streams to kill furbearers and other aquatic creatures. I am getting too old for this poop…but thanks for listening…and good shooting!

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