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  1. Duck Decoy Forum
    Hello all I am very new to waterfowling and got my hands on 12 full body goose decoys, 12 full body duck decoys and 12 floater geese. All of the water around me is locked up but I have a good field to set up in. I was wondering if anyone had any good spread ideas I could try to use to traffic...
  2. Duck Decoy Forum
    I am looking to buy some new Goldeneye decoys. What are your favorite goldeneye decoys/what brand are you currently using. Thanks!
  3. Duck Decoy Forum
    Dear Forum I recently picked up a decoy duck carved out of a solid piece of wood (Well, two solid pieces, as the head seems to be a separate piece). It’s a big fat thing with a weight makes me think it would sink if it were ever to be used, but I would still be interested to know anything...
  4. Duck Decoy Forum
    Hey there folks, I looked through the posts but have been unsuccessful in locating info (please forgive me if if i missed it.. it is a big forum) I am somewhat new to duck hunting, having been out only a few times over flooded rice fields when I lived in Texas as a guest of a buddy on his...
  5. Duck Hunting Chat Classifieds
    I’m looking to get into diver hunting and need decoys. The main divers around me are bluebills, goldeneyes, bufflehead and ringnecks. Anyone have any decoys they want to get rid of? I would also be interested in cheap beat up decoys of other species I could paint. I live in upstate NY and would...
  6. Duck Hunting Chat Classifieds
    I’m looking to get into diver hunting (bluebills, goldeneyes, bufflehead and ringnecks are the common species where I am) and trying to get some decoys for those ducks. Anyone looking to get rid of some? I’d also be interested in beaten up decoys of other species I could paint to look like...
1-6 of 6 Results