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  1. The Honey Hole
    Duck Stew - BBQ Duck Recipes - Wild Duck Breast Recipe Here are some of our favorite duck recipes in a series of recipes coming monthly from members. This duck stew recipe was easy and quite good. I'm a fan of the slow cookers that I don't have to babysite as much...
  2. The Honey Hole
    By PJ Maguire Nothing will cause wary waterfowl to stay clear of shotgun range like lifeless decoys. Allowing your duck or goose decoys to appear alive or have motion will increase your success in the water or field. Motion will bring birds closer to the decoys providing better and...
  3. The Honey Hole
    By L. Cater (aka greenster) Here's the story on the Mossberg 835 shotgun. A friend purchased it for $25. It somehow made it to the bottom of a lake for 6 days before it was recovered. When it was brought to me the outside was clean, but I could not put in a shell or even budge the action. In...
21-23 of 23 Results