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  1. The Honey Hole
    Josh's Duck Strips - Duck Recipe Yields Two Duck Breasts - An easy, yet quick way to enjoy your ducks in a unique way. One of my favorite duck recipes. Marinade Needs (You may want to change upon your own taste) ¾ cup A1 Steak Sauce ¾ cup Heinz 57 Steak Sauce 2 tbsp French Dressing 1 ½ tbsp...
  2. The Honey Hole
    Cleaning Ducks - Cleaning Geese - Wild Game Bird Cleaning By Chris Hustad This is one of my favorite ways to clean waterfowl, and I learned it around 15 years ago. It's typically best for cleaning ducks, smaller Canada geese, snow geese and upland game birds. I do not recommend this method...
  3. The Honey Hole
    Duck Stew - BBQ Duck Recipes - Wild Duck Breast Recipe Here are some of our favorite duck recipes in a series of recipes coming monthly from members. This duck stew recipe was easy and quite good. I'm a fan of the slow cookers that I don't have to babysite as much...
1-3 of 3 Results