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08/09 seasons are out

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well, most of them anyways. . . all except the most important one, regular GOOSE!!!

take a gander, eh eh eh! :lol:

at least we won't be early goose hunting in August.
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From what I've heard, more than likely we'll be getting 60 day seasons again this year. It's not definate, but, it's very likely from what I've heard.
smackaduck, when were you coming up? Or were you waiting til the dates were announced?
Yeah, you're going to have to go find a meat locker to practice swinging your gun in to acclimate yourself to real winter. Divers are tough enough to hit without shivering added in. :biggrin:
smackaduck said:
Luckily I have plenty of insulation :tongue:
Natural, or store bought? :biggrin:
I'm going to have nine days of vacation time to use this season, so I'll probably see about coming up some of the weekdays as well. Something to be said about saving vacation time for duck season.
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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