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Are you stuck on steel shot, or are you flexible on shot material?

Also, if the problems you are having are hull separation at the base with the federal hulls, that is not that uncommon with the federal paper basewad hulls produced from 2019-2021 (maybe from other years too) or so. I have had it happen on multiple load types with both fresh hulls and hulls that had been fired multiple times. The polymers were a little weak in a few production runs and so this problem has been lingering for a while.

To get to the root of your question, I can report that in my experience the Rem hulls are both the most durable, as well as some of the most likely to hold together overall with higher pressure loads (think consistently at the SAAMI MAP or “+P” loads in the 12,500-13,000 PSI range).

That said, I would simply download and progressively work your ladder up until you have achieved the velocity desired and see no function or pressure issues. Even if you stick with Steel shot, there is little advantage in pushing the big shot past 1,350 FPS as you will loose anything you gain in the first 25-35 yards, so you should be able to accomplish exactly what you need to in the Rem hull. I don’t know your load specs, so the more info you share the better myself and others may be able to assist!
1 - 1 of 16 Posts