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10 Gauge Hulls

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Which are your favorite to reload and where are you guys getting them? Also, if anyone has any they're looking to sell I'd definitely be interested!
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I like the Remington olive hulls. Bought them a few years back from Ballistic Products. I still have a few hundred but none to spare. Wish they were still available. If I run low, I'll buy some loaded Remingtons just to get the hulls. I have some Federals but I've had problems with them. I shot a box of factory Federals and probably one third of them had splits in the rims of the heads. The Federals with the ribs in the plastic seem worse than the ones with the smooth plastic.
I get mine from factory loads, or other reloaders.
I've used mostly feds
Hands down, the best hull is (almost unanimously by 10ga loaders’ standards) the Remington hull.

The Winchester black drylok hulls are also really durable for reloads, but their short overall length and melted center that creates a small to moderate sized hole in the crimp is a detractor.

The Remington hulls have been off the market for a while now, so the seldom found Remington factory loads are your best source. I have learned to work with the Cheddite hull, and so long as you are understanding that they only have about a 3 to 5 shot average lifespan, they will work will for you. I will note however that the Gold 10 is pretty harsh on hulls, so if that is your 10ga of choice deduct one load on average out of that lifespan. Your mileage may vary.
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I got lucky start of last season a guy was getting out of reloading and i got a couple hundred rem hulls pretty cheap to go with what i had they are all once fired so i'm good for the next couple of years.I average 2 to 3 reloads per hull rem and fed i had alot of hull failures with the rems this year i think hunting all salt water areas is really hard on hulls no matter what brand .
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