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1187 Crimping shells

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I just got an 1187 and it was having a problem reloading shells from the magazine. The action wouldn't close, it looked like the headstamp was getting caught and when we got the shells out it looked like it had crimped the side of the headstamp (brass). The store owner said it was pooly made ammo I bought at Academy and showed that ammo in his store cycled through without a problem, then showed that the "discount" ammo didn't even fit the barrell.

Can anyone confirm this as a prblem with either diso**** ammo or has the 1187 been machined too tight?
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I have heard of some brands of shells and guns sticking to eject them-but you are talking about feeding them. First that I have heard of it. You may want to try doing a search on the web to see if any info is already out there to your problem as I think it is not common at all.
Im not sure about the 1187, but my hunting buddy has had the same problem with his 870 super mag, he contacted rem. and he was told to take it to a gunsmith and have the chamber polished and the carrier assy. adjusted. Apparently this is a problem with some of the rem. shotguns because he owns 2 super mags and has the problem with both. Hope this info will help.
I have the 1187 Supermag, and have not had a problem cycling anything but light 2 3/4 loads, and Remington supplied me with the barrel seal activator, and that made a huge difference. I didn't buy it for trap, skeet or dove hunting, so that is not really a problem for me. I have put everything from heavy 2 3/4 steel/lead, 3 " steel and lead and 3.5"steel/lead shot through it and so far, my supermag has been a straight shooting, light recoiling cannon that has not yet missed a beat in the field.
Borrow a dial caliper from someone and measure the diameter of the shells against name brand ones. The diameter on the brass should be the same. The factories have certain guide lines that they have to stay within. I have seen bulging on the plastic shot tubes on a lot of different brands but the tubes should be smaller than the brass, and if bulged too much this could cause the shell to stick, I have run into this with reloads, not factory. You should be able to chamber any factory 12ga shot shell in your gun as long as it is the correct length. (a 3 1/2in won't chamber in a gun made for 3in.). Remington guns seem to be fussy with reloads being resized so they might have a little tighter chamber than other guns, I can't confirm this. At any rate, if the gun refuses to chamber all factory ammo I would contact the factory so that they can correct the problem if there is one. Wouldn't want to be out hunting in TimBucktoo, run out of shells, and have to buy whatever they might have or shoot your buddies reloads and hope they chamber.
It sounds like you might have a serious problem with this gun.
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