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Borrow a dial caliper from someone and measure the diameter of the shells against name brand ones. The diameter on the brass should be the same. The factories have certain guide lines that they have to stay within. I have seen bulging on the plastic shot tubes on a lot of different brands but the tubes should be smaller than the brass, and if bulged too much this could cause the shell to stick, I have run into this with reloads, not factory. You should be able to chamber any factory 12ga shot shell in your gun as long as it is the correct length. (a 3 1/2in won't chamber in a gun made for 3in.). Remington guns seem to be fussy with reloads being resized so they might have a little tighter chamber than other guns, I can't confirm this. At any rate, if the gun refuses to chamber all factory ammo I would contact the factory so that they can correct the problem if there is one. Wouldn't want to be out hunting in TimBucktoo, run out of shells, and have to buy whatever they might have or shoot your buddies reloads and hope they chamber.
It sounds like you might have a serious problem with this gun.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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