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1st trip to canada

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I'm sure you guys get sick of the US guys always askin questions so If you could find time to squuueeeeeze in one more guy I would appriciate it!

A buddy and I are wanting to plan a trip to canada this comeing fall to hunt some waterfowl! the goals we have for this trip is

All field hunting
Looking of corse for canada's hopefully some speks mixed in and a few snows would be cool to!
Never shot a male pintail would love to find one up there

as of now i'm running 1 dozen GHG's 1 dozen Big foots 1.5 dozen silo's planning on by then getting six more GHG'S 6 speck decoys and 2 dozen FB mallard decoys will this be a good enough spread? and 2 FA eliminators

also on the down side I have a trespassing charge on my record from this past november from retrieving a deer on private land...

He has a MIP (Minor in possesion of booze) I think like 3 years ago will this stuff keep us from crossing the border?
(I have contacted the sweetgrass montana border and they have not given me a clear cutt answer not really wanting to do all the planning and drive for six hours just to turn around)

thank you for any info

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nu-H20-fouler said:
make other plans.... it sure don't look good that both of you have marks against ya'
I'm not arguing your point at all I asked a question and you answered it so thank you but I will add to it... in my experience in law enforcement a trespass is a misdemeanor but not in the same class as a DUI and his MIC is a very small petty crime once again not arguing but what sources do you have to answer this question? the reason I ask is because I dont want to cancel all plans because some guy over the internet said nope if you get were i'm comeing from

thanks again

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