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I go to school at WVU now, so some of my hunts are taking place in WV, but I still get after them in VA when I'm home on breaks. Northern WV definitely has more ducks than Central VA, but it's still nothing spectacular. I didn't buy a deer license in either state this year, decided to pursue what I find to be far more enjoyable. WV had a 2 week October season this year, and goose was also open during it, I had a blast! Hunted often, and many times before class in the mornings.

The cold snap treated me VERY well both in VA and in WV.

First two pics are from this past week in WV, the bottom 3 are from VA. The big pile of birds is two days of hunting, 11 on the first and 18 on the second. My freezer in my apartment here at school is full of duck and I am eating like a king. Band was from Manitoba!
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