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58 point buck (PIC)

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don taylor: Sent me this picture and wanted me to post this on his behalf. Its a 58 point buck that was hit by a car, I do not know the full story so you will have to consult him, maybe he will post it up.

It's poor quality: Camera phone

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This buck was shot in Ohio by a amish guy! You can google Amish Buck and there are many stories about it!! It is actually called the "Amish Buck".

The buck was green scored two days later by Jason Schrock, an official scorer for the Ohio Buckeye Big Buck Club. The buck's gross green score was 304 non-typical, it had 36 score-able points, an inside spread of 26-2/8 inches, after deductions the rack scored an amazing 295-7/8. After a 60 day drying period the deer will be officially scored by a panel of scorers from the Buckeye Big Buck Club.
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