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6000 posts!!!

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Just passed 6000 posts on the honey hole!Keep em coming! :thumbsup:
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:eek: Thats alot, I will be there someday :mrgreen:
gahunter said:
MH wasn't kidding. Everybody has goals, so don't rain on his parade. By eating 3 square meals a day, drinking your ovaltine, getting 9 hours of sleep, staying in school, not doing drugs, and being a good boy, you Mallardhunter can achieve anything. Aim for the stars big guy! :thumbsup: :toofunny:
:laughing: I only get about 2 meals, I stopped driking pop at the start of the year but I am not drinking ovaltine :tounge:
Soft drinks coke its all the same.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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