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A first for everything

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Well, I ruined todays duck hunt. My buddy with a Jon boat had a doctors appointment and I was insistant on going since I had off. So I took my canoe out for a spin. I got out on the river at 6AM and got 12 duck dekes in the water and 6 goose silos near the shore and pull the canoe in to a blew down tree and started to camo it up with camo cloth. Then all of a sudden it rolled over dumping me, the gun, ammo box, deke bag, coat, flash light, and finally cell phone :eek: into the water. Smart thing I left the dog home.

I grew up in a canoe and this was the first time for that. Driving home in the wet clothes thinking I bet their flying now!

Now I am thinking of the next hunt, IN A JON BOAT, that I am going to have to invest in.
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Glad you are alright :eek: It has happened to many of us over the years I promise you that.
Bucky193 said:
HAHAHAHA that suxs i feel for u Ive done that befor i feel out of my huntin blind when I was hunting and broke my gun and duck calls and everything except i feel into the water from a 10 drop
Maybe you should put a guard rail around it. :thumbsup:

Like this netting you can put around it
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